Freezer Friendly Chicken Tetrazzini - perfect for bulk cooking

A few weeks ago, I gathered some of my friends for a bulk cooking day. It’s one of those things that I host periodically because the accountability of knowing friends are coming makes it happen. By the end of the day, I always say, “Why don’t I do this more often?”

It’s always so worth the extra effort up front and doing it with girlfriends makes the time extra special.

Cooking up Chicken Tetrazzini in bulk for the freezer

There are many ways I have done my meal making days, but this time, I asked each guest to be responsible for one meal (times 8). I tell my friends to come with things precooked.

Since I was making Chicken Tetrazzini, I cooked up 16 pounds of chicken and enough noodles for 8 – 9×13 pans. Then we chop, dice, mix and assemble when we’re all together. I love this freezer friendly Chicken Tetrazzini recipe because it’s so easy to make and is always enjoyed by everyone.

Make Chicken Tetrazzini in bulk and freeze extras for later

You can easily change up the ingredients based on your preference, so feel free to omit the peppers, add more garlic, veggies, cheese etc. It’s a versatile recipe.

Join us for our Bulk Cooking Day with free printables and recipes Chicken Tetrazzini

Even if you don’t gather with friends, this is a recipe to put in your 10 Minute Dinner arsenal of easy meals. Never just make one of these casseroles, at least double, if not triple, the recipe and you’ll be thanking me at a later crazy, dinner hour time. 🙂

Freezer printables for meal making day

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