new years resolution Rebelling...against New Years Resolutions

In the next week, I plan on spending time reflecting on key aspects of 2010 by celebrating the progress I’ve made, while having some “Come to Jesus moments” with those areas I really need to attack. It’s a little overwhelming to start this process because some things I do really well and others I do just as poorly. Being honest with myself about changes that need to be made is never an easy process, but the refining that occurs is always so essential. Organization in the home is where that refining needs to happen, so it’s going to start with having a plan. A BIG plan, but more than that, I need to outline manageable steps, not just lofty goals that don’t get accomplished.
On this same day last year I wrote about my Rebel-utions  –  “Rebelling from New Year’s Resolutions.” I shared, “Understanding that my greatest strengths are also my greatest weaknesses, I’m welcoming this fact, rather than fighting it.” It’s a good reminder of what I need to embrace and I highly encourage those of you to remember as well. January welcomes a fresh start, but it comes with determination, thoughtfulness, and a desire for intentionality in ones life to make strategic improvements whether physically, financially, mentality, in relationship…what ever the goals may be. That’s never an easy process. I guarantee I’ll share them with you – both the successes and failures.
This next year holds so many changes for our family (as I am sure you can all relate), and as always, I am excited to invite you along on our journey. Last year, I set some goals for my blog and shared them in this post – Balancing Blogging Goals. Re-reading these tonight (and seeing the goals that I can cross off and the ones that need to be brought into 2011), reminded me of just how much has happened in one year on Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.
I thank you for taking precious minutes out of your day to join me in my little spot in the blogosphere. I don’t take that for granted. I have lots of exciting things in store for you here in 2011 (if I can just get my act together and write about them. ;)) I pray that we can encourage each other on this journey of balancing it all – the good, bad and ugly. 🙂
May you have a blessed and Happy New Year.
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