Incorporating whole foods and produce into our daily diet is continually getting more expensive as gas prices rise, weather disasters occur, and a general downfall in the economy continues.

Is this rise in produce prices affecting your meal plan? Are you shopping differently? Are you eating less of it?

If there’s ever a time for you to consider growing your own produce, this is the season.
You don’t need a lot of land to benefit from some small herb or vegetable containers. A tomato plant in a flower pot on your back step will give you wonderful additions to your traditional BLT all summer long, and basil on the kitchen sink windowsill will provide pesto a plenty.
Next week on my blog, I am declaring it NO FOOD WASTE week,  where I will be eating and using up EVERYTHING, and produce plays a big part in this task.
I have to ask myself if I am being a good steward with the produce that I have already bought, or am I letting it go to waste?
Produce goes bad so quickly, that one really needs to be on top of using it quickly or cutting it and getting it in the freezer.
Over the years, I have found many unique ways to save on buying produce besides buying marked down produce and growing my own, and now more than ever we’ll need to get creative with this aspect. I would love to include in a future post some of the unique ways you save on produce as well, especially once gardening season is over. I’m thinking ahead.

fresh produce in market place

Do you garden in a unique way on limited space, participate in a community garden, CSA, food co-op, barter with a local farmer?
Share the ways you save on produce in the comments, and let’s learn from each other.