A few weeks ago I shared about our special family tradition of serving breakfast in bed.
I encouraged you to take the time to be intentional with your family by sharing creative ways of saying, “I Love You” …just because.
Setting a beautiful table, or eating by candlelight for instant ambiance are often things reserved for company when really we an easily do these things for our family, which is our priority.
I love you plate
What I forgot to share was one, tiny, but very important fact that I learned through life experience. When one is serving breakfast in bed to that special person, which in turn says, “I Love you, Just because,”  please communicate which of those special people will be bringing the breakfast tray downstairs after it’s done being eaten.
You are Special Plate
Otherwise that special breakfast of waffles, syrup and ice cream become a bedlam moment that one shares with their blog causing more readers to wonder, “Is this the point when Jen has completely lost it?”
If I look closely, it almost resembles modern art, don’t you think? 🙂

I’m off to see what you are all cooking up for Tasty Tuesday, AFTER I go peek at what is happening over at (in)courage today. I love these women, and when I am trying to glimpse the beauty amongst the bedlam, hearing their stories help (in)courage me to take heart.

Simple Rules for Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods – If you’re joining in with a recipe link, two simple requests. As always,  Please link directly to your recipe post and not your blog URL, so that everyone can find the recipe months from now.
Also, link back here so that everyone can join in the fun. MANY OF YOU ARE NOT linking back, and it’s just common courtesy of blog carnivals.