This is the perfect checklist to help us deep clean the bedroom. Not only do I use this for our kids, but for me too. So helpful!
I’m tackling my 31 Days with a Mentor Mom series, and teaching your kids to clean definitely ties in with building character in our children. I’ve learned that it takes a team to keep a house clean. 🙂

Developing responsibility in our kids, as well as stressing a strong work ethic at an early age creates not just a sense of purpose within a family, but helps ward off that entitlement mentality that so easily settles into our kids.  But if you prefer, I do have 7 Highly Effective Ways to Raise Lazy and Entitled Children. It’s super easy to be that perfect parent. 🙂

We often reference, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” This rings true in our home, but I am continually grateful for the modern conveniences that make our work so much easier.  

Don’t ‘miss the new printable:  Speed Clean a Bathroom in 15 minutes, plus 15 Minutes to a clean kitchen checklist for you and the kids, as well

It astounds me just what accumulates in our kids’ rooms. While they were teeny tiny, it all stayed put, but year by year, it’s become a magnet for mysterious mayhem.

Varying personalities of our children sure do play a part in this and since our kids all share rooms (I’ll write a post about our decision behind that), it’s a finger pointing fest as to whose mess it really is.

Having our three boys share one room for all these years has really bonded them, but  it’s also been a test of wills to keep it close to sanitary, while the girls’ room is the pride and joy of the house.

Our 14 year old daughter loves things neat and orderly, so she makes sure her ten year old sister cleans up messes. (Trust me, you all need at least one child like that, it’s amazing.)

As we prepare to welcome guests next week,  it’s going to be critical to get some heavy duty deep cleaning completed and of course, as a responsible mentor mom who wants the best for her children, many of those chores will be delegated.

Responsibility within the home must be a team effort. 😉

While deep cleaning isn’t something we do regularly, when guests stay in our bedrooms, we attack it with diligence. Yes, guests are a great excuse to get things done that we typically ignore.

We desire our kids to be able to master certain chores and we’ve learned that by giving clear cut directions to follow, it eliminates the “I didn’t know what to do.”

This is the bedroom checklist that each of our children use to master the “art” of deep cleaning their rooms.

Am I missing anything that I need to add to the list of deep cleaned bedroom?

We are thrilled to welcome grandpa and granny to our home, but most excited to introduce them to our new porch. It’s just so relaxing. Yes, this is our porch that literally took seventeen years to build.  I didn’t realize when we built it just how much upkeep comes with it. It’s an extension of the home, yet one that gets cob webs, pollen, mud, bugs and our beautiful woods brought to the forefront.

I spend more time cleaning out there than in the house.

Now to just get the kids as excited to start cleaning, but before I can even start the checklist, there are a LOT of clothes to put away.

Do you know the feeling?

What are some of the chores that your kids tackle by themselves? Did you start them early?

Finally, a wonderfully easy and systematic way to keep that kitchen spotless from someone who struggles with it just like I do. Great reminders and encouragement. 15 Minute Kitchen Clean Up Checklist. Great tips! #organize

(I’ve created some free printable for Speed Cleaning a Bathroom in 15 minutes, plus 15 Minutes to a clean kitchen checklist for you as well. Head on over to print those as well. They are great reminders.)

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