What a great printable! Speed Clean the Bathroom in Minutes

Who would think that focusing just 15 minutes a day to declutter new areas of the home would be so challenging? Well, slowly but surely, I am making my way through these daunting and neglected areas and it’s so worth it.

If you haven’t been following along with our Clutter Countdown Series, I’m tackling 15 minutes a day when I’m home.  Join along whenever you get a chance. Little baby steps make all the difference.

Today I’m tackling the areas in the bathroom that everyone sees.

We’ve had quite a few overnight guests recently and that means more than just wiping counters and flushing toilets in order to keep our downstairs half bathroom clean, it means diving in and getting it all done.

For many, this seems overwhelming, but when you set the timer for just fifteen minutes, you will be shocked at how spotless you can get the entire bathroom.

You don’t believe me? Give it a shot. 

Now, if your counters are covered with 15 bottles of body spray, deodorant, contact lens solution, toothpaste and a host of other gems  (not that I have any experience with this..cough, cough) that is a  Clutter Countdown task above and beyond our Speed Cleaning time. See my Clear the Counters post. It makes all the difference.

Look over how I’ve laid out the steps. There’s a method to my madness and this system allows you to work smarter, not harder. Of course, the very first time you Speed Clean, it make take a bit longer depending on how bad it has gotten, but after you’ve followed all the steps once, you are set.

Take a close look at the Nightly Nudge spot.

This is a separate set of items to do each night before I go to bed. I want our children to get to know this list as well, so that it becomes routine. Soon enough, they can mentally check off each item and make sure that they keep up with the bathroom with just a few simple steps.

I’ve created a Free 15 Minute Bathroom Cleanup Printable. Print this off and hang it in the bathrooms until the routine becomes second nature. You can even cut out just the Nightly Nudge section and hang that where the kids can see it!! Make sure you are modeling and teaching them how to do this as well. It makes such a difference and when they’re finally on their own, they’ll thank you for it.

Bathroom Speed Clean tips

Our master bath is still covered with half torn blue and pink wall paper, so I’d much rather inspire us with some BGH pics.

Love this bathroom inspiration. Free printable for Speed Cleaning a bathroom in minutes

In fact, we’ve had a slow drip n our master bath shower for years. Finally, we knew we needed to tackle it and the quote?

A Heart stopping $5K, and that’s just to fix the leak that has gone behind the wall. So with this new fact, we’ve been waiting, but it has to get done. The entire shower needs to be ripped out, so I might as well move a few things around while I’m at it.

Bathroom storage and speed cleaning tips and ideas

Adding some beautiful nooks of storage may just happen if I can find an area out of the ripped out wall.

Anyhow, I digress as I mourn spending money on my bathroom because no one sees it but us. 🙂

Yet, it still needs to get cleaned, so join me and print off your Free 15 Minute Bathroom Cleanup Printable.

Then share it with your friends.

What are your tips and tricks for a clean bathroom?

Anything I am missing on this checklist?

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