Being the youngest sibling of four, I have the privilege of watching my nieces and nephews taking all their first steps into adulthood, years before our children reach those mile stones. My second oldest niece is now married and is an amazing hair stylist in NH.

As her frugalista aunt, I’ve had great fun woo-ing her into the world of the couponing, and shared her first inaugural CVS Black Friday run as I showed her the ins and outs of the drug store game.

She has taken flight and now loves finding deals as well as the next girl. The wonderful thing is that she has an eye for beauty items, and understands what products one would be wise to invest in, paying a bit more for higher quality, and what products are just as great for a small ticket price. I whole heartedly agree.

One thing that everyone notices about Krystle are her gorgeous eyes, and not only their natural beauty, but her expertise in applying her eye make up. For many of you, that is a request you’ve had for me, “How do I put on eye shadow correctly?” Personally, I’ve been experimenting a lot with eye shadow ever since my “Transitioning Daytime Looks into Night time glamor” post, and am more convinced than ever that you can get amazing results with inexpensive eye shadows, especially when you use a primer first.

The “smokey eye” look is so popular right now and I just love the finished look. I can’t wait to share a step by step tutorial.

When Krystle emailed me the great make up deals that were on sale this week at CVS, and sent pictures of her make up, applied with these products, I loved it,  and knew you would too. Yes, a true aunt/niece bonding moment.

Here was my niece’s email to me, along with her added notes on her pictures,

“The revlon black liquid liner and lipgloss are Buy One, Get One Half Off this week. They’re both amazing products, and I am addicted to that liquid liner!!
The Almay eyeshadow is on sale for 5.99  with a 3.00 Extra Buck making it only 2.99. There are lots of great colors for eye colors such as blue, hazel, brown.
The Estee Lauder bronzer is from Macy’s, so not on sale but just the technique I use.

Apply bronzer to cheekbone, around the hairline and jawline.

Thank you, sweet Krystle for sharing.

I know I will be heading to CVS to pick up some of that liquid liner, since every day over Christmas vacation, I just loved that look.

(And no, CVS is NOT sponsoring this post in any way, but I am thinking they should. ;))

I plan on making the beauty tips category a more regular feature on this blog.

Are there any immediate questions or topics that you’d love for us to cover?