If you are new to any of the “Drug Store Games”, please begin with CVS since I have done a quick video tutorial that will explain the basic premise of using your ECBs. (Extra Care Buck coupons). These are are printed at the end of your receipt, and usable as free money at your next CVS transaction.)

Click here and see other tips before you begin on this CVS adventure.

I did this video spontaneously last September in answer to questions that I was receiving. I will be updating it with tips I’ve learned this year.

I have not had to pay for toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, ibuprofen, soap or a myriad of other household essentials by just learning how to use their gracious extra care bucks system. The small learning curve is so worth the hassle. Some weeks are better than other weeks, but slowly stockpiling items will lead to a long term savings.
Unfortunately, on any major holiday weekends, there are no coupon inserts, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great week to begin. You can get your first free toothpaste. 🙂
I have added the deals below.

Your first time shopping the CVS Extra Bucks system (abbreviation from now on – ECB), you will have to spend some Out of Pocket (OOP) money. After that, you will continue to “roll” your bucks for the free items, with virtually no OOP money.
I even recommend that you consider doing two transactions your first time. That way you minimize your out of pocket expense and turn around and use those bucks immediately on other “Free items.” Many stores offer a machine that allows you to swipe your CVS card when you first enter. Often this spits out additional ECBs and coupons. Look to see if your store has that option. Unfortunately, the one I frequent does not, but when I am “in town,” I take advantage of the stores that do.
Please note that it is a benefit for CVS that you use your CVS bucks. The CVS management is incentivized by customers using their bucks. I had some negative comments left on on my video, and after those comments occurred, I questioned the managers. They explained the benefits that stores receive by having a higher percentage of used ECBs, and said the negative comments probably came from hourly employees that just don’t want the hassle.
Deals will vary as some stores DO take internet coupons, while some managers will not. Try them, and they will let you know.
If you are just beginning couponing, you may not get all of these items for free, but there are still wonderful “almost free” deals, and the next time you shop….they’ll be free!