Addressing topics that bring beauty to our lives is such an encouragement to me, but the reality of our day to day life is that somehow we need to balance that beauty with all our bedlam moments.
For me, laundry has been sheer bedlam, but slowly, I am finding my groove of what works and what doesn’t. I do think I’ve tried it all.
Unless you are one of the privileged few that has access to the elusive  laundry fairy godmother that I call out to regularly on my facebook page, laundry is just real life. With five children, a gravel road, country living and four hours/day of sports practices occurring this very week, our laundry is never ending.
Yet, I know how fortunate I am. For years,  laundry has been tackled without the high efficiency washers or the amazing products that are offered today. To this day, my mom is the epitome of a laundry guru. I think back on how hard I was with my clothes. My mom devoted a lot of time to our laundry. Time I would never want to spend. She spotted things immediately ( I still stink at that), knew just what things should and shouldn’t go in the dryer, and still has a list of all purpose type products hanging on the inside of her laundry cabinet – rubbing alcohol, baking soda, vinegar, nail polish, etc. I have never mastered that list. I’m going to do some upcoming posts on balancing this laundry load or maybe how to lighten and organize it, but for now, a fun little history lesson.
Have you ever heard the phrase “Ring Around the Collar?”  It’s been over fifty years and we still know exactly what that term means, don’t we?


Wisk was the first liquid laundry detergent to hit the shelves in 1956. They created the iconic “ring around the collar” campaign that you can see in this commercial from the 50s. I often dream of living a more simple life, and the 50’s sounds like a perfect time, but then reality hits and the dream bubble pops wide open. I LOVE my new, blue Frigidaire washer and dryer and thinking of doing laundry without detergent doesn’t sit well at all. When Wisk is on sale, I stock pile it all day long. I couldn’t have done that in the 50’s. 🙂 I am notably spoiled with my HE front loader because it’s efficiency, mixed with the new Wisk is a dynamic duo.
This commercial creates not just a sense of nostalgia, but one of gratitude for me. Check out the first commercial introducing the “Ring a Round the Collar” phrase that became so famous.

Clothing and stains have evolved over the years and that means that stain-fighting technology has had to evolve as well.  Wisk is introducing their new, enhanced Stain Spectrum™ Technology which brings science to stain-fighting, helping you tackle a full range of stains ranging from oils to proteins. You know I enjoy the simple things in life when this brings me so much joy. 🙂 Watch this new video, to get excited.

There are hundreds of different kinds of stains stains, but most fall into three major groups:

  • Carbohydrates – such as milk chocolate (hmm..nope, never had it smear on my white pants)
  • Proteins – such as grass (we can’t get ours to grow, but trust me, with three football players, I know this too well)
  • Oils – such as peanut butter (which I just found on my sofa yesterday…I may try rubbing Wisk on it)

Other groups include:

  • Bio – such as blood (that laundry post needs to be by itself…so many stories)
  • Bleachable – such as coffee (I am notorious for dripping it when driving)
  • Particulate – such as dirt (I live in the country)
  • Synthetic – such as  ink (pen exploding in pockets)

With its new stain fighting technology, the new Wisk (in the red bottle) will tackle all of them! Be sure to follow Wisk on Facebook to keep up with the latest promotions.
But you know me…it’s all about  products I believe in, with a price that can’t be beat. A 32 load bottle will cost around $5.99 retail price, but it often goes on sale.. So, find that sale and match it with these great coupons and you have a super stockpile item.
I’m going now to print off my two $1 money saving coupons at and then here (to save from hunting for the Wisk coupon, look on left side bar and click household, page 2.)
This is a sponsored blog post by One2One Network on behalf of Wisk, but  I already buy Wisk as one of my “go to” products even before I was offered this opportunity. Read my full Disclosure Policy.