The beauty of welcoming new life is such a blessing.

To encourage and honor a new momma during a time which will forever change her, marks a significant milestone, and I’ve shared some other neat baby shower tradition ideas in the past.

As moms, we can share all the words of advice, encouragement, funny stories and “I remember when” moments, but until that new mom places that blessing on her chest, whether through adoption or birth, and experiences it for herself, she just can’t understand.

Remember those moments before you had your first child?  You THOUGHT you knew. You had read THEE book twenty times. You know you are prepared for what ever comes your way.

You know that you were a top tier, amazing babysitter, but until you are bleary eyed, sleep deprived and ready to offer up nearly anything, including your house, car, and any financial savings you can muster, just for a full night sleep, the humor and fun of this Baby Shower Tradition is lost on you.

Last week, I popped in on a baby shower for my niece, and they had such a GREAT idea. Often, people recommend showering the new mom with diapers of all sizes. Yes, it’s practical, but we know just how wonderful it is to have those diapers (she will soon enough.)

But they put a new and easy twist on those Midnight Diaper Changing, and encouraged everyone to write either a cute, funny or inspirational diaper message.

Isn’t that the best idea?

Even though those late night changes are always a challenge, how fun to anticipate the little messages that will encourage you or keep you chuckling.

On the box they wrote the directions and then gave some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, which always helps with something like this.

Trust me, once the ladies got writing, their creative juices got rolling. Some of them will keep her chuckling. They also wrote notes specifically for her hubby, since he will be one of those daddies that changes diapers, and those were even funnier, encouraging him in those first six weeks. 😉

Do you remember the post about the inexpensive party decor /bridal shower that I hosted? Yes, this is the same precious niece. We don’t waste any time in this family or some just say that you shouldn’t drink our water.

I will be hosting a shower for her right after the baby comes. Since they want to be surprised with the sex of the baby, there are only so many yellow outfits that one can receive. Plus, I want to christen our new porch with this fun event.

Once again, just like during her bridal shower, I’ve captured her ever appreciative, heart of gratitude. There’s no one that can be so excited or thankful about something as little as diapers or a thermometer or an ear wax thingy. 😉

Can you even pick out the Grandma to be – my sweet sister in love? She kind of blends in with her four daughters, doesn’t she? With so many girls coming along, you can bet that I am creating my bridal shower and baby shower ideas book for all to share.

Since I’m hosting a baby shower in a few months, what are some of the creative things that you have done or seen at a baby shower?

I always do blessings for the baby, but I’d love to add in some unique twists, like this midnight diaper idea.