Traditions are an integral part of weaving a beautiful family tapestry, yet I realized that I have not included any for welcoming a new blessing into the world. After five of my own, I have many tradition ideas for new babies. Here are just a few to get us started.
In Honor of Baby – A timeless and touching tradition you can start with your family is to plant a small tree for the birth of each child that will forever represent that glorious day. Pick a hearty tree that is easy to grow and not too large so you can transport it should you move to a new home. Take a photograph every year of the child standing next to, hugging or watering his/her birth tree and place those photos in chronological order in a birthday book or album.
Blessing for the New Baby – When hosting a baby shower, send out small note cards with your invitations, asking each guest to write a blessing, prayer or some words of wisdom for the new baby. When the guests arrive, put the cards in a pretty box and tie it with ribbon for the mother-to-be. She can open it there or wait to read them after the birth of her baby and then save them to pass onto the child for a special occasion (such as the birth of his/her own first child). I have done this where I didn’t include the cards in the invitation. It can also work wonderfully to have guests write out their special blessing as they arrive.)