Make Family Meal Time a Priority
Gather Together over a Shared Meal
The Importance of Family Meal Time
Laugh More, Laugh Loud
Creating Ambiance through Candle Light around the Dinner Table

Gathering together around a shared family meal is an intentional measure that we prioritize. The above phrases sprinkled throughout my blog are ones I believe in whole heartedly, yet different seasons of the year allow for more regularity with those planned times. Crazy schedules are no substitute for the meal time magic that occurs when friends and family gather.
Sometimes though, that meal time magic comes in the most unexpected ways. Joy is shared through one of God’s chosen blessings to minister to a weary soul when she most needed it.

Last night, the Clean Plate Club was demonstrated on a whole new level, and my precious, nephew Edison took leadership by making sure that everyone joined in under his tutelage.  Round and round the table he went, inspecting with such detailed observation that any Staff Sergeant would be proud. No scraps could be left, and licking of the plate was encouraged.
Upon his approval, the clean plate would be held high for all to see,  followed by cheers, applause and giggles to rival any Superbowl festivities.

I shared a bit of his garbage bag story last year in my post, Why Adopt a Special Needs Child. I summarized just a bit of his first life chapter, and since then every page turned in this story continue to whisper God’s grace in miraculous ways.  When most people question my brother and sister-in-love’s  decision, I’m remembered of my brother’s words,

Many people have told me, as the provider for this family of now 11 children, that I am crazy to adopt another. I respond to them that, actually, this little boy with Downs Syndrome is a critical, strategic part of my estate plan.
You see, my wife Rachel and I wanted to place an emblem of the prize in the fight for ‘The Culture of Life’ right in the middle of our family – a remarkably special person who would speak into the lives of our children and others we meet.

And that is what this little boy now is.

The most precious of meal times

Since Edison lives next door to us on our homestead, he radiates joy to us on a daily basis. He reminds me of how unconditional love ministers to a weary soul. He shows an unlimited amount of acceptance to every one with whom he comes into contact. He has never met a stranger, and if you don’t mind a messy face, he will shower you with hugs when your soul most needs it.
He knows what it means to give….

And our culture  thinks this child is “Less than, not perfect, or ‘retarded.'”
Whose views are truly skewed?
To live a life fully at peace. To minister to those around without selfishness. To never look at a clock and worry about time. To embrace the moment. To make Meal Time Magic every single night…
My desire?
To learn half of what this blessing has to teach me. That is living a life with intention.

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