Sitting in the terminal, I love to people watch, don’t you? Watching so many different people, personalities, colors, life choices, attitudes, and reactions, makes me wonder where their peace is found.

Delays happen. Often, delays are neutral, but sometimes, they can be quite painful.

How do we react when unforeseen delays occur? We have that choice every day, don’t we?

I sit here waiting on  “stand-by” flight status as multiple flights take off and I am bumped. Attempting to hold my tears at bay, I know that these things are not in my control.

So I wait, and pray that a seat becomes available. It’s painful, but I know that peace will come when I snuggle with that precious gift from God awaiting us in Ecuador.


We made it! How surreal is life when you can be in sweet Carolina in the morning and South America in the evening. Just amazing!

Trying to upload the first pictures of Ecuador but internet access is sketchy. Tomorrow should be better. Guess what? This week will be full of beauty and bedlam moments. We were just informed that the city has to go on shut down mode and we will not have any electricity. Good thing that America’s Next Top model says that shampooing daily is not good for the hair. 🙂 Now does that count with skin washing as well?