window treatments
I have a love/hate relationship with fabric.
The designer fashion fabric that drapes on my body for pennies on the dollar… I LOVE.
However, the kind of fabric I buy in a bolt willing me to create easy masterpieces for my windows so that my house is truly a home, well….I run from that. And yet I don’t. Let me explain.
Fabric makes me SO happy. There have been a few yard sales at some of the “richer” neighborhoods where the women had out  gobs of their fabric for free, so I took it. It was gorgeous, and gazing at the possibilities made me anticipate the “what could be” in my great room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. etc.   This is one area in my decorating where I am stuck and I will not pay someone hundreds of dollars for a window treatment, so I WILL learn this summer (without sewing) and invite you along for my progress.
Confession time.
I have over twenty five windows that are naked, and I am someone who encourages modesty – sheesh. Yet it feels good to get that off my chest. 🙂
So, I am taking baby steps and started off with the joy of some yard sale drapery panels, a hot glue gun and a little fringe. Many yard sales ago, I came across a family clearing out hundreds of craft items. There were oodles of fringe pieces that  called my name.  Now I am practicing with that fringe and some cheap $1 window treatments before I invest in something a bit more for my family room.
windows for girls room
Here are some plain sheer yard sale window treatments that just have the trim glued down about four inches on the panel.
Ladies, it’s so EASY and if the one who runs from fabric can do it, so can you….
Just hot glue fringe to window treatments and hang. These are in my daughters’ room for the time being.
window mistreatments
The wonderful thing about fringe is that you can color coordinate it with other decor items like your cheap Goodwill lamps or yard sale finds.
Yes, the lamp and window treatments match. Just hot glue the fringe around the very bottom of the lamp shade for a wonderful accessory.
glue fringe to lampshade
But of course, nothing has to be perfect to be beautiful, so after we practically burned the house down, I just turn the lamp shade backwards.  I will be re-purposing this lamp shade by tearing OFF the fringe and covering it with some of my yard sale fabric to dress it up and eliminate the burn mark.
burned shade
I bought this shade at Goodwill already finished, but how easy is this.
Don’t you just LOVE it? They layered the fringe for such a great, girlie feel.
I would recommend you start at the bottom with your first layer of fringe and work up.  That way you will have a polished look when you’re completed.
fringe on lampshade_opt
Next yard sale weekend, pick up a cheap $1 lamp shade and have some fun. You’ll be amazed at what just a little fringe will do to dress up some of the more boring elements in your home. Decorating on a dime has never been so easy.
(Remember, this was my practice round, so join me as we practice together. I can’t wait to take it to a new level, but that will definitely not be before June. 🙂 )
lamps with fringe