You all know how much I love my Saturday morning yard sales.
It was quite an adjustment when we moved down south and garage/yard sales went from being held all weekend long, to finding out that they are held only on Saturday mornings in NC.
It was a blessing in disguise for my balancing act of time management.
I can have so much fun in just a few short hours on a Sat. morn.
Above I found a set of four gorgeous place mats for $.50/piece.
I LOVE the colors, and they look great under my $2 bird cage.

This tall glass apothecary vase was $2 – with the sand in it. 🙂

I am on the hunt for milk glass of any kind, and was excited to find this set of eight grape vine pattern glasses for $5. Typically, a bit more than I would pay, but I wanted cups to use for my kitchen.

You already saw that beautiful fabric that I received for free,

but here is some more.
I actually received so many beautiful pieces I just want to gaze, and gaze.
You all gave me some great ideas in the comments of the last post – I can’t wait for some free time to put some of those into action.
I must look like someone who loves fabric (or they feel sorry for me when I tell them I want to learn to sew, but have yet to take the sewing machine out of the box) because another woman gave me a HUGE bag full of other fabric pieces totaling about 8 yards.
I think I need to get going with some raga muffin garlands. 🙂

Now for a more practical purchase.
Do you remember when I went to work organizing my pantry for my stockpiling?
Well, I confess, I have another storage area under my stairs that gets even worse than my pantry. I wish I would have taken a “before” picture.
You would have been so proud of my progress today (Sat).
My goal for this yard sale season is that I must find a place for everything.
This is such a challenge for me since I find so many amazing things, and I know that I will use them “eventually”. Well, I bought this organizing system for $3, came home and put it right to work storing some more of my triple coupon treasures.

But then I remembered this…my nemesis. The thorn in my flesh.
The “blue thing” (yes, it has a name) that sits right in my laundry room, side entryway, and is the holder and keeper of all things disorganized. As soon as you open the door, it scream chaos reigns.
Not to mention the wonders it does for attracting dog and cat hair as well. Just lovely.

And then there is this issue….SHOES!
“But mom, I put my shoes on the shelf. ” ERRR!

But back to my point… guess what treasure I found? It was going to store more books, until I had a delicious brainstorm when I walked through the door.
The BLUE THING went outside, and in came this!

Now because I promised I would find a place for things…the bird cage went on top, with one of the new place mat underneath. The green Pottery Barn organizer that I bought for $1 is going to house “what nots.” I am going to search for similar style baskets and do something amazing to them, but for now these will have to work. Doesn’t it have such potential?

But the best thing ever about that $1 wicker basket is this…

My 5yo is notorious for never being able to find her matches. She gets this big old basket all to herself, and you should have seen her face light up at the suggestion. She knows the tough time she has, and she just was tickled that all her shoes were in one place.
Imagine that. 🙂

Did I mention that the book shelf was $5? Yes, FIVE DOLLARS…not as good as this best ever $5, but I’ll take it.
Should I admit that these were not the only treasures that I found?
No, I didn’t finish my photo shoot. We snagged a few more frugal fashionista items, a Titelist golf bag for my son, a beautiful vase, brand new Hooked on Math and Hooked on Phonics sets, 2 lollipop cookie molds, a few books, and some other what nots. Whew – that was quite the day.
Have I told you how much I love yard sale-ing.

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