November 20, 2017

Welcome to my new home – Tasty Tuesday


Welcome to Tasty Tuesday and my new “home.”

Balancing Beauty and Bedlam still has the same feel and the same goals, but our options will help you in the browsing process.

Notice the great little “search” box to the right? How amazing is that? Now you won’t have to spend hours trying to find that one recipe or tutorial that I posted months ago, you can just type in your topic and voila – it’s there.

Christmas traditions? Give it a try. Spray paint? Oh, more than you would care to read.

We are still working out the kinks, so if you find some things that need our attention, let me know.  It is a work in process, just like me. 😉 You can subscribe in a reader or for all my non-blogging friends, you now have the option to have my posts delivered right to your email in box. I love that!

So, onto the task at hand – Tasty Tuesday! TastyTuesday200pix

I had this massive “Bulk Baking Day” scheduled with high hopes of posting it all for you today, but it’s not going to happen tonight. (Try out the new search bar if you want to read my other posts on Bulk Baking and you’ll get the gist.)

My Tasty Tuesday tip for the day…clean as you go. Trust me, this is a great piece of advise. One with which I typically adhere.
I sure wish I would have followed it today. Off to do the dishes.

Here we go: Link up to your direct recipe URL and make sure you link back to Tasty Tuesday’s new location, so that everyone can join in on the fun.


  1. Love the new site. Hope you don’t fall asleep before all the dishes are done. That is a lot!



  2. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for hosting and love the new look.
    Good tip..LOL..I try, but usually have to do a major wipe down when I finish baking..


  3. Clean as you go…it’s a great tip. Clean up is my least favorite part.


  4. Ack! Everyone’s leaving Blogger . . . I’m too scared to switch!


  5. Congrats on the new site! I totally understand about dishes, I just sat back down after doing mine, ugh, not too fun.
    Thanks for taking time to host!


  6. We should be throwing you a blog warming party!

    Great picture! Thanks for keeping it real.


  7. LOVE the new look! Familiar but better! I am ITA with you about “clean as you go”. That’s my mantra in the kitchen.


  8. You new “home” looks great! Off to add the new place to my reader 🙂


  9. Congrats on the new home and for continuing to host Tasty Tuesdays.


  10. I definitely agree with – and try to adhere to – clean as you go! And not only in the kitchen, but I’ve started having the kids pick up toys all day long so it’s not such a marathon in the evening! It’s working really well. And laundry – much easier to wash then fold ONE load instead of five!


  11. The new site looks great!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Many blessings!!


  12. Love the new look and great site. Welcome to your new home!


  13. Happy “blogwarming” Jen!

    one comment, as I was adding my name, e-mail and website above, when I finished the website and hit tab to move into this comment field and comment, it instead tabbed me up to the Mr. Linky boxes where it already had my info filled in. I have been out of town all weekend and have nothing tasty to post for Tuesday so then I had to delete my info from Mr. Linky and manually get back down here to the comment field.

    Then when I hit submit comment it told me I had an invalid e-mail address (which I don’t) and I had to come back and type this again. Just wanted to let you know as you’re working out the bugs. Hoping it will take my comment this time. 🙂 I’m copying my comment just in case so I can paste it in if I have to do it again instead of re-typing. 🙂 Kelly


  14. Yea! It took it that time! Kelly


  15. Love the new blog design. And you are so right about cleaning up as you go. Now if only i could figure out how to implant this idea into the Hubs head! LOL


  16. I tried to subscribe to your “new home,” but I get the feed for your old one. Just letting you know!



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