November 20, 2017

The Beginning of Ten Minute Dinners (Tasty Tuesday)


This past week, I’ve been having fun brainstorming my new Ten Minute Dinner Facebook page to preface the newly organized page on my site. I’ve realized at this stage in my life, more often than not, ten minute dinners are my continual “go-to”Β  recipes. I want meals fast and easy without the cost of take out, and much healthier than fast food. Whether it’s ten minutes from the fridge to our “feast,” or ten minutes of preparation time, life is easier when I have a plan – a ten minute dinner plan.

While I do a lot of Power Cooking, C.O.S.T. (Cook Once, Serve Twice or Three Times) Cooking, Freezer meals, Crock pot dinners,Β  and just plain easy family dinner type of recipes, I haven’t shared all of those in detail on my blog. By having a separate looking site (yet still under Balancing Beauty and Bedlam), it will help me, and others, find anything related to quick cooking in one spot.

With the help of some friends and my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook readers, we came up with some great tag lines for the blog. It’s hard to wrap up what I want to communicate in just a few sentences. What would make someone check out this site or think that what I have to offer is beneficial?

I am sorting through those questions as I plan, but in the process, I had some great laughs as we were brainstorming. Here are some tag lines that we came up with , but then some of you added in many more great ones on the facebook page.

Ten Minute Dinners…
because tonight, I have better things to do.
because if you don’t cook, no one will.
because if you don’t cook, they’ll starve.
because someone has to cook.
because in ten minutes, they’ll be eating each other.
because you can’t have PB&J at every meal.
because Nutella is not a vegetable.
because everyone has a few minutes in their day.
because we all have to eat.

So far, I think the vote has been leaning in favor of Ten Minute Dinners: because sometimes, ten minutes is all I have.

So, I am entrusting you all, my wonderful Tasty Tuesday readers, to weigh in on a few things.

1.) Do you have an amazing tag line or just a funny one to share?

2.) Until the blog is finished, I would love to invite you to participate in our Ten Minute Dinners community on facebook. I have set up a Discussions tab on the left side bar where you can add tips, and easy recipes (written out there nice and simple, and not just a link to a blog post, please.) So many of my readers don’t have blogs, and I would love to give you a place to share your ideas and ask questions as well.

3.) Submit your favorite Ten Minute Dinner recipes (with some good photos) that I will feature on the new page. They may be Ten Minutes total or Ten Minutes (or less) of preparation time, followed by cooking time. If you are a blogger, that would include a link back mentioning your site, of course. I have many pasta and chicken recipes, but I will especially be needing fish, pork and unique beef recipes. Feel free to comment on the title before you type it up first because it may be one I already have in my drafts.

4.) Just a simple thanks. For me, sometimes I just love to cook and bake, but often, it feels like a chore. I just finish cleaning up the meal and it’s time to fix something again. You make it so much more enjoyable. One of my most inspired times of the day is when I ask on the Beauty and Bedlam facebook page,” What are you serving for dinner?” You guys always get my creative juices going and I thank you for continuing to remind me to make the mundane a bit more magical. πŸ™‚

TastyTuesday200pix Do You Have Any Fun Food Rules?

Simple Rules for Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods –  As always, please link directly to your recipe post and not your blog URL, so that everyone can find the recipe months from now.

Also, link back here so that everyone can join in the fun, it’s just common courtesy of blog carnivals. Please do not link up a recipe meme that you have started. Thanks for your understanding.


  1. great idea!! those tag-lines are wonderful πŸ™‚

    where should we submit 10-minute recipes w/ photos to? email you? to your FB page? Thanks!


  2. “Because Nutella is not a vegetable…” is great!


  3. Ha! I love all the taglines!


  4. Last week I linked up BBQ Ribs and that pork recipe is definitely under 10 minutes for a main dish. This week, I linked up a very easy and tasty sauteed zucchini recipe that can be prepared in a matter of minutes.

    Congratulations on a new site! It is definitely a needed resource in our busy lives.

    Tag Lines that I came up with:
    Ten Minute Dinners: Take It or Leave It
    Ten Minute Dinners: Make It and Leave It

    I’ll keep thinking…


  5. All the taglines were adorable!! I’m terrible at coming up with meaningful and quirky taglines or titles.

    I do love the idea of ten minute dinners, though!!


  6. I like the tagline you chose – it’s my favorite. πŸ™‚ I’ll have to take pictures of some of the things I make, I never photograph my food! πŸ™‚ Haha! But I will have to share, as we are a busy family with 2 little boys and my goal this school year is to eat together at the table 4 nights a week. Not in front of the TV. Not at separate times. Not in a rush over the kitchen counter or in the car. πŸ™‚

    Great luck with the new page and I’m looking forward to adding it to my must-read blogs! πŸ™‚


  7. Ten Minute Dinners: Because that’s all the attention span I can muster
    Ten Minute Dinners: Quicker than a trip through the drive-through diner


  8. Can’t wait to see some 10 minute meal ideas! Fun!


  9. …but!! You can have PBJ Muffins for breakfast! πŸ™‚ I shared our latest muffin recipe which just happens to be for PBJ muffins. Low sugar, real food ingredients, and will make your PBJ junkies happy. πŸ™‚ Blessings, ~Lisa


  10. This sounds like a great idea. Everyone needs 10-minute dinners now and then. I will be checking out your Facebook page.


  11. What a great idea! I need some new 10 minute dinner ideas. I have the hardest time coming up with things to cook for dinner (and motivation). Baking treats or making dessert…no problem….I could spend hours preparing yummy goodies. I really like the tagline Ten Minute Dinners: because sometimes, ten minutes is all I have.


  12. For a tagline, it’s reality when you have small children and work full time.

    Ten Minute Dinners: because in 11 minutes, the meltdowns begin.



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