October 20, 2017

Ever So Fun & Inexpensive Table Centerpieces (perfect for Easter)


I’ve shared this post idea previously, and it’s still one of my very favorite frugal and creative ways to bring a touch of Spring to my decor. Honestly, for one dollar worth of seeds, you can create the most fun […]

Choosing the Right Paint Finish for Interior Walls


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright painted walls and warm colored accents, chalk boards and glitter that highlight my daughters’ room, these are a few of my favorite things. Oh dear paint, you surely know how to make […]

This Year’s Fashion Berets and a Simple DIY Craft


  This past winter, every where I looked fashion berets were popping up on celebrities. In fact, I love HGTV Design Star, and this past season, one of my favorite designer’s signature fashion pieces was the beret. She is a […]

Anthropologie Inspired Home Decor


It’s all about presentation. Whether we’re talking food styling, our personal home decor or our favorite shop, the presentation, merchandising, and all over look and feel speaks to us when we first walk through the door. Anthropologie is one of […]

Sewing 101: something for us wanna-be’s


Last month, I mentioned on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam facebook page, that I bought a sewing machine for Christmas for my daughter (three years ago…cough, cough). and it’s still sitting in the box. That is one DIY project that […]

Handmade Marketplace: What are Your Crafting/DIY Projects?


It’s summer time: days to create, be inspired and relax, right? Sometimes I chuckle when I think that my summer was going to magically open up my calendar to all of those wonderful handmade creations I desired to make and […]

DIY Desk: Adding some Style to an Old Desk


As part of my new blog design, I have added a “Submit Guest Post” feature at the top of my site. It offers readers the opportunity to submit an original DIY Project (as well as original recipes and frugal living […]

How to Make Drop Cloth Curtains


(Kim’s Drop Cloth Curtains) While I am away, my sweet friend Lynn is sharing one of her frugal successes – How to make drop cloth curtains. I remember when she first asked my advice about making them, and I told […]

Laundry Room Redo – I Love Paint


My laundry room has been in disarray for years. Now for most, that is pretty typical but there are no worries because one just closes the door to the laundry room and the worries melt away. Well, not so in […]

Five Low-Cost Ways to Add Value to Your Home


You all know that with summer here, one of my goals is to attack some very neglected home projects. I’m off to a good start with my painting, but there are just so many things to do with such limited […]

Fastest, Frugal Decorating Redo – Painting


Paint is one of the easiest, quickest, and definitely the most frugal way to update and change any decorating aspect in your home. I’ve been doing some serious painting lately, and it’s always a blast to involved the kids.  It’s […]

Creative Garland Decorating Ideas


You all know how I love to incorporate frugal, fancy, creative decorating ideas, so what better treat then a combination of my own creative inspiration and that of a place where dreams come true – Disney.

Pottery Barn Inspired Bedroom Decor, Chandelier


Hearing that a post has inspired both creativity and frugality in one of my readers delights me to no end.
When Cara emailed me that she had some Pottery Barn inspired bedroom decor and had conquered a Pottery Barn chandelier for under $10, I was delighted when she shared the pictures.

I am in the process (yes, the process has been stalled on quite a few occasions) of finishing my girls’ room with a Pottery Barn inspired butterfly theme. I can’t wait to show you how an entire Pottery Barn room makeover can happen for under $100 (with furniture).

Creative Party Ideas: DIY Coffee Bar


(explanation of the DIY coffee bar below) I am quite sure that one of my love languages comes in a hot, brown liquid form. So when my niece had an amazingly creative party idea, and offered not only a coffee […]

Gorgeous DIY Cupcake Stand: Wedding Cupcake Stand


One of the growing new trends in weddings is the elimination of the traditional wedding cake. By going a bit trendy, more thrifty, and pouring forth a lot of creative DIY juices, you can make a spectacular statement with a […]