October 20, 2017

The Baby Steps of Daily Organization: Clean Sink Habit


Yes, it’s like it’s January ’09 all over again. Over five years ago, I was working on organizational steps and I still am in process.  Somethings in life are just going to be constant struggles. You’ll have your ups and downs in […]

Printable Kids’ Bathroom Checklist – Hygiene Checklist for the Kids


With our children ranging in age from 8 – 18, one would assume that the inquisitions such as, “Are you ready? Did you brush your teeth? Do you have clean socks on today?” would never pass the lips of my […]

Understanding our Laundry Personalities


A few weeks back, I shared my cold, harsh reality of laundry Your responses ranged from compassion, understanding, and acceptance, to down right depression for my dismal state of laundry despair. It was fun to read through the comments as […]

Great Uses for Dryer Sheets: Why Didn’t I Think of That?


Part of our frugal living journey is not just about making wise decision with our finances, but it’s also taking a fresh look at how we do things. Part of that process is slowly shifting our mind set to one […]

Dream Laundry Rooms vs. Cold, Harsh Reality


via Apartment Therapy There’s nothing better than freshly washed laundry. I reach my arms into the dryer and snuggle it to my chest. It’s warm and cozy to the touch, and instinctively, I bring it to my nose and breathe […]

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Morning Run Smoothly


As a busy Mom of 6 young kids, I know that it can be a real challenge to get your kids out of bed, fed a hot and healthy breakfast, and have them ready to face the day in a […]

Do You Know What Lurks in Your Freezer? Free Freezer Checklist


Come on, let’s fess up, do you know what lurks in your freezer? I don’t, but I am bound and determined to change that over the next month as I slowly but surely, eat through my freezer during my January […]

Brownie Recipe + Necessary Chocolate = Chaos


It started as a delicious thought; Mother-Daughter baking and bonding time. What better goal for a school morning that to conquer the perfect homemade chocolate brownie recipe. But alas, the recipe called for a chocolate baking bar. Hmm….it had been […]

Spontaneous Yard Sale Chaos…


For those of you who follow me on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook page, you know that this past Saturday afternoon I decided to do something quite crazy as I announced a spontaneous yard sale in two days,  Tuesday […]

Speed Cleaning – Join Me!


Somehow three weeks have flown by. In between traveling, severe personal sickness, and then followed by sick children, the house has deteriorated. In other words, it’s in shambles, and as I look around, I’m praying fervently for my personal cleaning […]

The “Nothing” I Did This Weekend


See my Update on Children’s Place Monster Clearance Sale. Now save even more. At church today, someone asked me what I did this weekend and I replied, “Nothing. It was wonderful.” Then I started thinking about what my “nothing” looked […]

Confession Time: Is Your Christmas Decor Still Up?


Over the past few snow days, different teen guys have been in and out of the house. When not just one, but two friends asked my sons privately why their mom still had her Christmas stuff up, I started feeling […]

No More “Another Days” (31 Days to More with Less)


Just days after I reorganized my school room, my glass book shelf broke.  (I know…glass shelves, heavy books…not practical.) I quickly started unloading the books onto the floor, surrounding chairs, and the dining/ school room table. Some how a day […]

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances


When I first announced that I was getting stainless steel appliances, I had a lot of people thrilled for me because they knew what a beautiful addition to my kitchen they would be, but warned me about the hassle that […]

Frigidaire, Food, and Family Manager


As I read one astonishing email right before Thanksgiving, I literally started screeching. My kids came running. My husband wondered if I was alright, and I could barely catch my breath. Well, my breath is back, and I am ready […]