Part of our frugal living journey is not just about making wise decision with our finances, but it’s also taking a fresh look at how we do things.

Part of that process is slowly shifting our mind set to one where we welcome the creative concept of re-using and re-purposing items. Yes, I really believe those little choices allows us to re-think patterns that have been set.

For years, I’ve thrown away my dryer sheets after one use until I started realizing so many fantastic uses for dryer sheets, beyond just making our clothing smell fabulous.  For those of you who might say using dryer sheets isn’t a frugal option, you may not realize that often you can stock pile those items for great deals with coupons.

Here are a few alternative ideas for using dryer sheets to make everything smell fresh and clean beyond just your clothes.

Once your creative juices are flowing, then chime in with your own ideas since one of you will be able to have a years supply of dryer sheets, thanks to Bounce.

Who could have known that those little white things were hidden freshening jewels?

Creative Dryer Sheet Uses

Use them twice This may fall into our hilarious (and disturbing) cheap vs. frugal debate, but I find that they may be used a second time. Sometimes, I’ve even poured a touch of my liquid fabric softener on it to for its second run through. Try it and you be the judge.

Freshen Anything: This is HUGE in our home. Place dryer sheets anywhere that need a freshening.

  • Tuck a few Bounce sheets in your drawers and closets to help keep them smelling fresh
  • Keep a dryer sheet in the cabinet with your towels for freshness each time you pull out a towel.
  • Place one at the bottom of the laundry basket to to counteract the smell until wash day.
  • Make your trash can smell better by placing a Bounce sheet at the bottom between the bag and bin.
  • Roll up a Bounce sheet and place it in the middle of the toilet paper roll to help keep things smelling fresh around the toilet.
  • Yes, I’ve even put them in my boys’ shoes overnight to help deodorize them.

Use in Suit Case: When you travel, throw one in your suit case to counter the smell that comes from hotel rooms. Why is that? My clothes always pick up such odd scents.

Use in Your Car: Our car never smells quite right. Stick a few under the seats to keep it smelling fresh. (Or in our case, more manageable.)

Remove Pet Smell: I’ve mentioned too often our yellow lab who sheds and just can get that dog smell on everything. Well, I typically carry my clothes  to the sofa to fold, and there’s always a dryer sheet left over in the basket. Instead of throwing my dryer sheet away then, I often tuck it under the cushion and it leaves the sofa smelling fresh and clean.

Clean your Laundry Room: When you finish drying your load, use your dryer sheet right then to wipe the inside of your dryer’s drum, and the outside of your washing machine and dryer instead of wasting paper towel. This will help scrub away residual laundry detergent or odds and ends left behind from the clothes. It’s also a great use of your time to do this right away, rather than on a “set cleaning day,” or in my world, procrastinate on that chore.

Shine Chrome:  Dryer sheets shine the chrome in ones bathroom beautifully. Just get the chrome wet, then wet the dryer sheet and scrub! It gets rid of water spots like nothing else. Then rinse and buff with a dry cloth. Shiny!!!

Remove Lint and Pet Hair: I’ve mentioned too often our yellow lab who sheds on everything. Well, I typically carry my clothes  to the sofa to fold, and there’s always a dryer sheet left over in the basket. Instead of throwing my dryer sheet away then, I often rub it over it over upholstery to pick up any dog hair and lint, and then even on my clothes too. It leaves the sofa smelling fresh and clean.

Keep Bugs Away: Tuck some in your picnic basket or hang one on your deck. They help keep the bugs away and back where they belong, plus they make everything smell so good.

Fight Soap Scum: The same reasoning stated above works to remove soap grime from showers, bath tubs, and tiles. Use the sheet to wipe down surfaces, and everything will be super fresh.

Anti-static dust wipes: The fabric sheets were designed to remove static cling, so the anti-cling chemicals in dryer sheets make them perfect for dusting television and computer screens.

Clean Dirty Pans: The softening chemicals in dryer sheets help loosen food particles stuck on baking dishes and pots.  For dishes, place a sheet in the dish, cover with hot water, and let soak overnight. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. (Note: No, this would not be the most “green” alternative, but we’re just getting our creative juices flowing, and many have told me this works. I have not done this. I would not recommend this on any type of porous pan.

Those are just a few of the great uses for dryer sheets.

I hope that you now have your creative juices flowing now with all the ways to use these new found pieces of “gold.”

Do you have creative ways you freshen your home?