November 23, 2017

One Dish, Mock Chicken Pot Pie


It’s always fun trying to recreate our good ‘ole favorite comfort foods with a slight twist. There’s just something about these meals that just make me want to hunker down and stay at home.

Our family loves every variation of pot pie and this one was no different. While this one dish, mock chicken pot pie is not nearly as involved as I normally make, the short cuts definitely make this a wonderful option on those busy evenings.

Again, this is a basic recipe, but feel free to tweak with your favorite twists.

For our large family, I have to double this recipe and as I’ve tweaked it to our preferences, it’s a bit different every time.

I’ve added lots of different items such as shredded turkey,  (make sure you use my kitchen tip for shredding chicken and turkey) varying cheeses, grilled onions and peppers. When I don’t have pie crust on hand, I’ve used other dough products.

Use what you have. This is a forgiving recipe and one to keep when your mind goes blank. Am I the only one?


  1. Made this for supper tonight – thought my twelve-year-old was going to lick her bowl clean! 😉 Will definitely double it next time to have leftovers. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


    Jen Reply:

    @Tracey, So glad you daughter loved it. 🙂


  2. Oh, yummy. I cooked up a turkey last week and have been using it in all kinds of meals, I should totally make this one! Thank you!


  3. Kevin JCJD Symons says:

    How can this be a “MOCK” chicken recipe when it has chicken in it???


    Jen Reply:

    It’s not a mock chicken recipe, it’s a mock chicken POT PIE recipe, meaning the traditional pot pie takes much more time with the pie crust etc. Sorry for the confusion.


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