How to Shred Chicken in literally Seconds. This tip revolutionized my kitchen.

Every once in awhile there comes along a completely simple kitchen tip that revolutionizes the way one makes meals. For the past year, I think I have told all my friends about this tip, but I realized that I never shared it here.

How is that possible?

I think you need to sit down for this because it’s just that good. We all know what a pain it is to shred chicken. I love to grill chicken in bulk, as well as  bake chicken and turkey in bulk, freeze it, and then use it for Ten Minute Dinners throughout the month. The one draw back is the fact that the cutting and shredding always takes so much time.

Well, no longer.  This simple tip shows you how to shred chicken in seconds and this picture tells it all.

Put your boneless chicken breast or turkey in your mixer bowl. (Mine is my beloved KitchenAid Stand Mixer
which is my most recommended kitchen tool). Turn the machine on low, and let the paddle do its magic.

Ten seconds later – perfectly shredded chicken.

If you want it really fine for casseroles or soups, just give the paddle a whirl for a few more seconds.

I know. Crazy easy, right? Isn’t that the best?

Two days after Thanksgiving, I purchased an organic, fresh turkey marked down ridiculously low. Well,  I cooked that up for my family, but a 22 pounder can’t even be eaten by my big eaters.  I had SO much meat, I wasn’t sure how to tackle it.

I literally filled up my Kitchen Aid with huge hunks of turkey. I wasn’t sure how it would work on such large pieces of meat, since previously, I have only done this with chicken, but again, it was a work of art.

In only a few minutes, I had shred pounds and pounds of turkey, and filled four gallon sized Ziplock bags full so that I could use it for future meals.

Yep, how have I not been doing this my entire life? And how have I not told you sooner? My sincerest apologies. 😉

Share this tips with your friends. It’s the little things, like this simple tip that makes meals in minutes a reality.