October 13, 2015

Mother’s Day Extravaganza


Reading the comments from my “When did you learn to cook?” post has been a true privilege. If you haven’t done that and need some motivation in the cooking department, there were some motivating stories. My desire was to summarize some of the answers and have them for you today, but they have just kept coming, so I’ll be doing that next week.

A few things simmered through my thoughts and resonated with me. If we didn’t learn to cook til later in life, we wished we had, and if we did learn early on, it was with a legacy of precious memories that have stuck  for years.  Reading the comments made me more passionate about passing this lost art to my girls. Some days I wonder if the hard work is worth it, but judging from the stories I read – it is!

Now on to some party news. I am all about parties, but better yet, I am all about parties with FREE STUFF!

I’m partnering with five fabulous bloggers, Alice.comand BlogFrog to bring you thousands of dollars worth of prizes beginning THIS Thursday. You will not want to miss it.  Ever hour throughout the day, giveaways will be happening – the one I am mourning the most (since I can’t win it) –  three months of house cleaning, not to mention nearly $1,000 in Alice.com gift cards, as well as tons of other fabulous giveaways on the sites below.

Kelly from Faithful Provisions

Toni from The Happy Housewife

Crystal from Thrifty Mama

Liz from Hoosier Homemade

Jennifer from Tater Tots and Jello

So mark your calendar for Thursday May 6th,  and pop back in here throughout the day. Some of the giveaways are open for a few days, but others will literally only be open for one hour in my Blog Frog Community, so your chances of winning are HUGE! I’m excited about all the fun we’re going to have and all you have to do is click a few buttons. Get those finger muscles ready and set your timer. :)

Until this year I’ve always said, ” I never win anything.” But since blogging giveaways make it so easy, I have actually won a few gift cards and it has been SO FUN.

So what about you. Have you ever won anything outright (as in, no conditions…just free stuff)?



If you’re joining in with a link, two simple requests.  Please link directly to your recipe post and not your blog URL. Also, link back here so that everyone can join in the fun. I’m all about fun. :)


  1. WoW! I’ll definitely be coming back Thursday! I LOVE Blog Frog AND ALICE!!!

    Alice gave attendees at Blissdom a gift card and I got plenty of free stuff with it.


  2. Three months of free house cleaning – you know the way to my heart!


  3. Wow!! That sounds like so much fun! :) I’ll definitely be back!

    Thank you for hosting!


  4. Dawnette says:

    I have yet to win anything free; however, Thursday is my husbands birthday so maybe that will help me.


  5. I won a television once about twenty years ago in a raffle and I was so excited! I’ve won lots of smaller things since then but that is the biggest thing so far :) Thanks for hosting!


  6. Sounds like a lot of fun!!
    Thanks for hosting!!


  7. I’ll absolutely be back, the house cleaning could totally come in handy right now.
    Thank you for hosting.


  8. Thanks for hosting today, Jen! I’m loving the linky with the thumbnail photos. It makes “shopping” for recipes even more fun.

    I think my mom didn’t teach me much about cooking, because she really didn’t think she had much to offer. She thought her style and her knowledge were too simple, too basic, and too unimpressive. I’ve learned that the food she served gave me a great foundation, and it’s a part of my family heritage I want to understand, build on, and pass on. My kids are loving learning to cook in our kitchen, and I’m so glad!


  9. Those sound like great prizes! 3 months housecleaning…wow! I’ve been entering give aways for a long time but have yet to win anything. Maybe this will be the day!


  10. Wow I can’t wait! I won my mom a TV at a work picnic when I was really young playing bingo. I’ve also won a Cooking for Two cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen at Young House Love as well as a laptop sticker from Young House Love as well. I think I sometimes have a lucky streak!


  11. How exciting! I love attempting to win stuff.

    Can I just say Tasty Tuesday is really helping me improve my recipe collection? Thanks for hosting!


  12. Sounds fun!! I’ll be back :)

    I have won a number of cool prizes over the past few years – it’s actually on my to-do list of things to blog about this month!

    My most recent (and biggest!!) win was $500 cash from Get Rich Slowly for my video submission on a financial success story. *So* excited about that one!!

    The video will be up on my blog tomorrow.


  13. I never win anything, but I keep trying!


  14. thanks for stopping by. my 1st comment from you. whoo hoo.
    look at all these tasty recipes! I might actually try a few. (or pass them on to my Man who does all the cooking;)
    thanks again. stop by any time. i’ll put the coffee on~


    Jens Reply:

    Girl – I have left you lots of comments…I wonder why they didn’t post??


  15. Haven’t won anything yet – but not for lack of trying :)


  16. Elaine Fox says:

    I’ve actually been lucky lately and won several things from blog giveaways. I won a Betty Crocker gift package last month and this month I won a Veggie Tales movie from Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife and an embroidered greeting card from Two Little Cavaliers.

    It’s definitely exciting to win something from my favorite blogs. =)


  17. Can’t wait until Thursday! I’ll make sure and clear my schedule.

    Thanks for hosting!


  18. You have just such an amazing website — thank you for sharing it and for making it so much MORE, all the time! Not just the recipes, but so many other resources now.
    I’ll be back, soon!


  19. I am excited about your contests. I just shared a recipe and joined your blog frog community.


  20. Yay, sounds like fun! Can’t wait to participate! I won the SITS grand prize at Spring Fling this year – amazing!!!


  21. I’ve been very lucky with winning things on blog giveaways…I just wish that luck would transfer to, oh say, POWERBALL or something! :) Let’s see, I’ve won lipstick, several books, cleaning products, gift cards and post cards; little things in all but it still gives me a thrill :)


  22. Marla Payne says:

    I love your blog! I would love to win something. How do you sign up for the giveaways?


    Jens Reply:

    hi Marla – as of now, there are a ton of the individual giveaways that I have posted. If you scroll through them, each one has a way to enter. The ones I am giving away right from me, you can leave a comment, friend me on Facebook etc. but you need to do it under the individual giveaway since that is where I will be picking randomly.



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