November 17, 2017

30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge – Inverted Pony Tail Styles


It’s Day One of my 30 days – 30 ways hair challenge, and while I won’t be posting every day about “all things hair,” I thought I would ease us into a very simple style that has fabulous options.

My goal for this month is to encourage us to get out of our hair rut. Many of you shared that you just can’t get away from rocking the ponytail, and that it’s just so easy to fall back on it every day. (Raising my hand right here.)

Guess what, in less than 30 seconds, we can invert our traditional pony tail and then even take it a step further to achieve a more glamorous look if we choose.

Yes, I am channeling my inner 1990’s when a product came out called the Topsy Tail. It was one of those products everyone assumed they needed, when in actuality, for these styles; all that is necessary is our pointer finger. (Although for $5, I may see if they still sell them. 🙂

Let’s start with the easiest five second hair do ever.

An inverted pony tail works well for long hair, but it is also a great option for shorter hair that can squeak out a ponytail of any length.

Begin with a traditional ponytail. We all know how to do that. I choose to do a low pony tail since it seems a bit more chic. Create a small opening at the crown and then  pull the hair through the hole. Voila, you are finished.

You may remember doing that as a child and just forgot about it, but I love to change my pony tail up. I walked around my moms group this week and started inverting my friends’ pony tails. (Yes, I was being weird like that. ;))

It’s easy to cover the pony tail holder with your hair, but this is also a great look to add a fun hair accessory to accent the back.
There’s no need to ever wear a regular pony tail,  when in literally a few seconds you can put a fun twist on the traditional look.

A more glamorous twist to the inverted pony tail is to pull the low pony to the side before you invert it.

My daughter came in from outside with a fun messy bun in her hair, and I told her she needed to give me 30 seconds of her time. 🙂

Without a comb or brush, I just pulled her hair into a side pony tail and pulled the hair through, as shown above.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Anyone with bobbed/shoulder length hair can do this. If I was wearing this for a more formal event, I would take a few additional minutes and add some ringlet curls to the hair that is left hanging down.

With just a touch of the curling iron, it would create a polished and elegant look in just minutes.

Since I had a “semi” willing subject, I decided to see what else I could do in thirty seconds with a partial ponytail and it was so fun.

The first time I pulled it all the way through for a cute twist (top photos) and in the second look, I pulled it through only part way and created a semi bun look. This is a casual summer style that I am going to enjoy.

Once we get our creative juices going, I think we’ll realize that fixing our hair in fun, yet easy styles is going to make this 30 Day – 30 Way Hair Challenge something we won’t forget.

And yes, we’re starting really basic, so step away from the computer and go try it out. 🙂

Let me know how it turned out.


  1. Heather says:

    I do the style that you did for your daughter, but took the time to twist both sides, and then band them together! Duh! Thanks for the quicker option 🙂


  2. my fave is the invert to the side; chick girl


  3. I do that inverted pony tail style both in the back & to the side a lot. Adds a little flair to an otherwise unflattering pony tail.


  4. I chuckled just a bit when you talked about getting out of the ponytail rut with the inverted ponytail. The inverted ponytail is the rut I want to get out of. I must say it’s very easy to do though, and I’ve received several compliments on my hair when I style it with the inverted ponytail.


    Jen Reply:

    @Melinda, Well, at least you are past the pony tail stage. 🙂 Do you do the side inverted pony tail? That’s such a fun look. Hopefully, we’ll help you out to break out of the inverted look as well. 😉


  5. Jess Cox says:

    I’ve got REALLY short hair…that I don’t ever plan on growing out, but I’ve also got 3 girls to play hairdresser with. They love to have something pretty done with their hair. Their favorite is to have me braid it after a bath, so it will be wavy for school the next day. I wish I figure out how to french braid, but my fingers just get too confused. Thanks for the new ideas!


    Kim Reply:

    @Jess Cox, Look up different braids on you tube. I learned how to do a herring bone braid that way, super easy and so pretty. Plus the messy braids are so popular right now and all you do is pull on the braid to make it messy and fatten it up to look thicker. You tube is a great resource for hairstyles!


  6. Seeing your hair makes me wish mine wasn’t so short!! I’m not patient enough to let it grow out!!!


  7. I am so doing this tomorrow. How do you keep it from popping back out though? do you have to spray or pin it?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the the fancy braids (i.e., waterfall braid, front braid, etc.) all the teenage girls are sporting these days but for us older Moms in our 40s? Is it a do or don’t?


    Jen Reply:

    Joy – you will be surprised. It doesn’t pop back through at all. We didn’t use spray or even pin it, and I’ve done it on shorter hair too and it stays (unless super short pony tail. Then I don’t pull it through.)

    I’ve done some of the braids, and I think we can pull them off. Some, not all 😉


  8. How nice I love the look on the side Jen you make everything look like fun!! does any one have short hair style ideas???


    Jen Reply:

    Some of those will be coming. Not as many, but a few. 🙂


  9. Did this yesterday. I’ve been letting my hair grow out. I’ve had it short since I had my son 3 years ago (like in between chin and shoulder length)…and I used to have so much fun with braids and fun messy buns and stuff (mainly in high school and while I was pregnant..I am 23 and had my son at 20)…so I’ve been letting my hair grow out and it is a little past my shoulders now and I have so much fun playing with cute (and fast) hairstyles now…I don’t ever leave the house without my hair done..I will occasionally blow dry it and wear it straight but mostly I like to experiment with fun updos…Today I twisted my bangs to the side (almost like a side braid) and pinned them and put a cute headband with a big bow on and did my hair in a high messy bun…yesterday I did the inverted ponytail to the side and added in another cute headband….I have so much fun with that stuff, and I already never leave the house without my hair done (I NEVER leave in just a plain ponytail lol)…so I’m gonna love this challenge!


    Jen Reply:

    Ok, Amy, if you want to get brave and send me some pics, I’d love to show them on my blog. 🙂 The side braid with the high messy bun sounds adorable.


  10. I would have never thought to do the ponytail off to the side like that…love it!


  11. Amanda says:

    I know I’m a little late to the party, but I was playing with this last night. I actually inverted it twice! If your hair is long enough, it’s a really neat effect! Add a cute clip to the bottom where the band is and it’s adorable!


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