February 7, 2016

Florentine Turkey Meat Loaf


As many of you know, I’ve been working hard over the last few months to change the way I think about food and to lose these extra pounds that I’ve let slip on over the last few years.

I’m down 14 pounds and am maintaining right now, and part of that process has been seeking out yummy, healthy recipes that I can indulge in at the same time I feed my family. This No Carb, No Sugar detox has been revolutioniary for me. Just in losing weight, but really to help me get a balance back with healthy eating.

For the first month, cooking separately for me was a necessity, but now that I’ve added back in a few carbs and a bit of dairy, this is a perfect recipe that pleases even my teen boys men.

We love meatloaf of all variations, but by substituting the ground beef for turkey, I could keep the proteins lean and the fat content down. Since I always pack my meat loaf with veggies, I decided to turn this meal into something a little fancy. Yes, meat loaf fit for the finest of company because the presentation is stepped up a notch.

If spinach isn’t your first choice, don’t worry, you can just stuff it with cheese or eliminate both all together. I did half and half for our family, since I knew some wouldn’t prefer it with spinach. I can’t wait until summer because I will also stuff it with my abundance of shredded zucchini.

This recipe portion if for a family of four, but I highly recommend doubling or tripling this recipe and making additional loafs because meatloaf the next day is amazing. Have you tried a meat loaf sandwich? You do not want to miss out. This recipe actually fits into all my 10 Minute Dinner criteria,  but I wanted you all to see it here first. :)

How do you like your meatloaf? Are you a purist or do you pack it and make it stretch? I can’t wait to see what you are all serving up for Tasty Tuesday


  1. Sorry, I accidentally linked up 3 recipes. I went to delete the Omelet but couldn’t. Sorry about that.


    Jen Reply:

    Oops – before I read this, I sent you an email about last week. No worries at all. :)


  2. Congratulations on your weight loss – that is wonderful! Your Florentine Turkey Meat Loaf looks delicious – I am always looking for new ways to use spinach as it is my husband’s favourite. This week I’ve shared a quick and easy dessert. Thank you for hosting :)


  3. My husband is not a fan of meat loaf, I found that out 22 years ago when I made it for the first time. So my kids have never had it. But a friend brought a meatloaf meal to us when I was sick and my family loved it – including my husband. So, I’m thinking I will just have to give this one a try. Thanks for hosting each week!


  4. Thank you for hosting!
    I love the meatloaf recipe…will pin it and try it out!
    Have a lovely day!


  5. Thanks for hosting! Have a great week! :-)


  6. What a great lightened up meatloaf recipe! Love all the spinach and cheese in it.


  7. Looks tasty and within my budget, so I’d certainly try it out. You can’t go wrong with turkey meat!


  8. I think my family would really like this version of meat loaf, yum!


  9. Thanks for hosting! Your meatloaf looks pretty fancy stuffed. :)

    PS – I’ve got a honey giveaway going on my blog now. Check it out if you get a chance! http://ow.ly/jJ26r


  10. I never thought meatloaf could look pretty, but this is very close! :) Thanks for always hosting Tasty Tuesday!


  11. Tina McAdams says:

    What are your recommendations when using fresh spinach instead of frozen?


  12. I actually just made a regular (beef) meatloaf for my family which they love and made a turkey meatloaf version for myself. None of my family would even venture to try mine and they love the meat one so much. My recipe for meatloaf is very similar to yours but does not have worsestershire sauce, garlic, or the spinach or cheese additions. I really thought the turkey version felt like it was missing something, a little too bland with the turkey substitution. I am looking forward to trying your version because these variances may be just what it needed.


    Jen Reply:

    Oh yes, I hope it is. Adding the garlic and Worcestershire may be just what it needs to up the flavor for you. Hope you enjoy it (and maybe try to give it to your guys. They may never know. ūüėČ



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