As I shared some of our favorite Hamburger Recipes, and my family’s love of all things burger related, I left out a very simple detail about necessary condiments. A few of our children will eat ketchup on anything, yes anything, and they get that from their momma.

I’ve narrowed the reasoning down to my pregnancies. I do believe that all the ketchup and fries I consumed while they were in utero and my distinct cravings must have rubbed off on their DNA.

In fact, my parents still remind me of my eldest brother’s rehearsal dinner. It was a fancy affair, as in steak and lobster at a country club type fancy affair and I made a special request.

Yes, that fancy request came in the form of a burger; burger, fries and ketchup to be exact. You see, I’ve never had a complex palette. It’s embarrassing to admit, but if you gave me the choice today, I might lean towards a burger and fries again, but ONLY if you top them with a great ketchup.

So when we were at my sweet friend Patty’s for a cook-out and she shared her All Natural and so very Easy Homemade Ketchup recipe, I knew I must pass this on.  As much ketchup as our family goes through, I’ve wanted a great recipe without all the junk, but that ends up being quite expensive.

I also wanted an easy Homemade Ketchup recipe that I could whip up and make in large quantities and this is it. I love that this recipe works perfectly with the 17 day diet too, since it eliminates processed corn syrup and carbs.

Plus, I get  to add on another use to my 50 ideas for Mason Jars post. It’s just extra cute stored in my Mason Jars.

As you can see, this is considered All Natural, meaning the best of ingredients were picked like organic tomato paste and stevia for sweetener, but you may substitute if you don’t have those on hand.

As with any recipe, once you make this, tweak to your family’s taste. Add more garlic if you are garlic lovers or additional minced onion with a dash of red pepper flakes for extra heat. Our goal is to give you a base to start with and then feel free to change it up. Let me tell you, it will be hard to go back to store bought once you realize just how easy this All Natural Homemade Ketchup is to whip together. No, it’s not going to taste identical, but it also won’t have all the junk put in the store bought.

I can’t wait for my bumper crop of tomatoes from the garden because I am going to attempt to use my fresh tomatoes to make ketchup. That will be super delicious and a great way to use them up.

Don’t forget to add some healthy, homemade fries with this ketchup.

Amazing  and Healthy Home Fries

Are you ready to give this a try?