September 25, 2017

Hearty Garden Harvest Vegetable Soup


This delicious Vegetable Packed Harvest Soup is the ultimate in healthy comfort food.

This post brought to you by Gro-ables. All opinions are 100% mine

I heard light sizzling snapping from the kitchen.

Sauteed in bit of olive oil, the delicious aroma of diced red onions, zucchini and squash floated through the home. I knew I wasn’t creating anything, so that left our 14 year old daughter.

She has spent a lot of time digging into healthy living and committed to new eating habits. This comes completely unprompted from her mother (me) because I live a roller coaster ride of healthy eating.

Delicious veggies sauteing for our garden vegetable soup.

My desire is to commit to cooking with whole foods as much as possible, but leaving room for some fun eating as well. My daughter’s request every time I go to the store?
“Fruits and veggies, Mom.” A dream from a teen, I know, but produce is expensive, so that means taking advantage of our wonderful NC growing season and elevating my gardening ways and growing my own. This Hearty Garden Vegetable Soup is inspired by Go Sprout it!

They have so many great inspiration articles designed to get you excited about growing your own produce.

Packed with all the vegetables you can ever imagine, this hearty Vegetable Soup is perfect because most of the ingredients will come straight from your garden.
Trust me on this, growing your own is so easy, especially with Gro-ables!

Just grab a pot, fill with rich soil and plant away.

They are guaranteed to grow, well, except for my Basil. Our yellow lab loved the little shoots of fresh basil popping out that he ATE IT! Yes, he did. Good thing it wasn’t my school paper. 🙂

Delicious garden vegetable for a hearty soup recipe.

Once July hits, I’m always looking for ways to use up our zuchinni, tomatoes, peppers, onions and basil and this soup hits on all and more. Enjoying the ease of my Gro-ables plants, I can’t wait until they are ready to harvest.

This soup will keep well in the fridge for approximately five days. Did you know that most soups taste better the day after because it gives time for the spices to blend? Make sure you double or triple this recipe. The only time consuming part is in the chopping so chop extra veggies and you can enjoy this often. Again, soups are always an easy option for cleaning out the pantry. Remember, mix and match spices based on your family’s favorite tastes and that goes well for the veggies too.

Any of these vegetables can be omitted or you can add alternatives. You can’t go wrong with a Hearty Vegetable Soup.

This delicious and hearty Garden Vegetable Soup packs rich flavors and 100 whole foods.

My fresh Homemade Pico de Gallo with my homegrown basil straight from the garden Grilled Veggie Pizza are things I can’t wait make and I’m sure they will become a favorite of yours as well.

Is your mouth watering yet? Get growing!!

What are some of your favorite things to plant?

Any must try recipes you’d love to share for when my garden is growing?

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