October 21, 2017

Frugal Fashionista: Is It Time to Pack up the Boots?


Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series?

Find out how I dress in designer clothes for less. Yes, for mere pennies on the dollar, my entire outfit is less than $20, and did I mention…the majority of it second hand?

Having just looked through my camera card and realized that there are about ten Frugal Fashionista outfits sitting there, I thought I better pull some out to show you what I have been putting together lately. Ever since I posted my “Frugal Fashionista: Covering the Problem Areas,” I’ve seen a theme with my outfits.

Since I have a lot of really cute tanks and sleeveless articles of clothing, I don’t want them to just sit in my closet for the “someday” when they look good again, but I haven’t lost the added weight and toned those arms to the point where I really feel comfortable wearing sleeveless. So, trying to use what I have, I’ve been layering a lot with longer sweaters. Remember my assymmetrical sweater post? Yes, well, I love them, even if they are on their way out. They will always be “in” in my book.

I’ve also wanted to try and be a bit more bold with my pattern combinations. Ever since I wrote about mixing and matching crazy patterns, I’ve slowly been experimenting. The models can always pull it off, but when I try, it feels clownish, so this time, I threw caution to the wind and loved it.

Yes, for me, wearing two completely different tops of varying striped patterns was stepping out of my comfort zone, so don’t laugh. It was fun, and not too crazy.

The striped sweater I purchased at Goodwill for $3.75 and the tank top is actually quite dressy. Unfortunately, I never really proof my pictures until it’s too late, but it’s a sleeveless tank with a scoop neck, that has currently fallen down in this picture.

Worn alone, it would be perfect for a night on the town, dressed up with accessories. It was new, with the tags still on, at the thrift store.

I’ve been drawn more and more to large earrings and these were a steal on clearance for a couple dollars.

These boots I bought at Tanger Outlet for only $10. They were at Rue 21, and I have already gotten a huge bang for my buck.

As summer weather hits NC, I’m having to pack up my black boots, but sure have enjoyed them. I am trying to stretch my boot season as long as possible.

When do you normally pack away your boots?

I’m putting two similar outfits together in this post to show that it’s very easy to re-use core wardrobe pieces, yet still get a very different look.

This black yard sale skirt is a staple in my wardrobe. I think I paid only $1, and I wear it for everything –  casual errand running with T-shirts,  beach cover up,  this more dressy look, and believe it or not, I think I’ve even gardened in it. It’s so much more comfortable than shorts or jeans.

I’ve paired the skirt, once again with the boots, but changed the look up quite a bit. This outfit I wore for a Sunday when I was leading worship at our church. Since our stage is elevated, it’s really important that I watch the hem length of my skirts. Even if something looks long in front of the mirror, it can end up giving a peep show to someone in the front row,since the stage is so high, so I layered both a skirt and leggings with this dress (and just shortened it up a bit with the adjustable straps at the shoulder).

Typically, I would not wear leggings with this outfit, but they are always perfect for those really cold, winter days.

I bought this necklace at Goodwill. I was thrilled to see it and surprised people would pass it up. For those that say they never find things like that at Goodwill, often it’s because one can’t see its potential. This was terribly tangled, and I think people didn’t know the great find that awaited them with just a little bit of patience.

Again, the boots that make me feel hip and trendy. 🙂

You can’t really see all my accessories very well in the pictures, but I put a priority on making sure I have some fun accessories and these earrings are just that.

Those earrings buy was one of those that I now mourn. It was purchased at a yard sale where the lady had sold jewelry as a business and she had a TON that she was clearing out. I only purchased a few items and now I could kick myself that I didn’t think ahead and buy for friends and family (and more for myself. ;))

If you recognize this dress, it’s a purchase that I am very glad I made. It’s been with me through my weight loss and gain, and allows me to really wear it with a lot of different looks.

Check out my post where I previously featured it: One dress, wear it three ways (or four)

It’s meant to be a sweet, maybe a bit sexy, little dress, but mainly, I just wear it layered.

Grab some of those core wardrobe pieces and see how many looks you can make from them. I bet you have more outfits in your closet than you realize.

For me, I have WAY too many – that’s the good, bad and ugly of being a Frugal Fashionista. 🙂


  1. Well done! and your a great model 🙂


  2. Love the purple chandelier earrings! My rule for boots if they are suede def. put them away. If temp is over 80, then don’t do any boots at all or you’ll regret it unless you are at a rock concert (indoor or outdoor) and are trying to be a “rocker” chick, which is always fun. 🙂 Yes, I’m sad to put away the boots, too but can’t wait to rock my thrift store heeled leather sandals instead. 🙂


  3. I thought of you often on Saturday as my darling girl and I scoured the racks at our thrift store for frugal fashion finds. We did so well – I think it was our best thrifting haul in a long time! We did buy a few out of season things for her because she has pretty much stopped growing so I am pretty confident that she’ll be able to wear them this fall. The fall items include two cute jackets! We got a huge bag full of clothing (17 items) and some household goods for $42 – I found a giant cookie cooling rack that was just like new and I’ve seen the same style at the restaurant supply store for $40. It was not 1/2 price day so I know we could have done even better, but we had so much fun and have some fun wardrobe options. I had 2 big loads of laundry to do when we got home but I was so happy for her that I didn’t mind!

    She often has a hard time putting together outfits so I think when everything is ironed and put away we will do a ‘fashion shoot day’ and take pictures of her in a bunch of different outfits then print them out as a sort of ‘cheat sheet’ to hang inside her closet door for ideas. She often wears the same things over and over or tries on 6 outfits before church (which sometimes makes us late). Do you have any other tips for helping her find ‘her look’ and put together cute but very modest outfits? Neither of us are ‘naturals’ at fashion co-ordination!


  4. Deidre says:

    Here in Texas, my boots got put away by Easter. It has already hit 104 here and it isn’t even summer yet!! Love all your looks that you put together!!


  5. I keep my boots up in my closet, but I stuff them with whole newspapers, still rolled. That way they stay upright (we get the WSJ free from online surveys I do…) and don’t get an ankle pooch. I really love your frugal fashionista posts since I get my clothing from the same sources. I have one GW dress that has lasted through and between two pregnancies!


  6. Cute!


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