For this week’s Frugal Fashionista post, I had planned on sharing what I wore every, single day.
Yes, a typical life in the world of Frugal Fashion doesn’t have to be boring.  It can be put together so easily, like this simple outfit.
This $1 brown yard sale shirt with sheer sleeves can be dressed up or down. Paired with my yard sale jean shorts, it’s perfect for running errands, but swap it out for dress pants or a skirt and it’s fancy enough for a night out on the town.
Many of you said you need help with pairing the right accessories with your outfits. Often, it’s just a matter of experimenting. This necklace is actually two separate necklaces from two different yard sales. Alone, they look kind of ugly, but for $0.50/each, I knew I could get creative with them. Pairing them together and adding these fun brown earrings pulls it all together and really dresses up a plain shirt.
For around $5 WITH the shoes, I have the epitome of a day to day Frugal Fashionista outfit.

It doesn’t feel boring at all, until I saw this next photo shoot…
This collage I put together highlights a recent fashion show. Yes, I read the reviews and people RAVED about the use of color, the mixing of patterns, and the wonderful sense of style that this designer created.
I knew that mismatched patterns were the rage this year, but still….I don’t really get it. Do you have any idea the thousands of dollars these outfits totaled?  THOUSANDS!
I appreciate everyone’s varied sense of style, but the only inspiration I did receive was the invitation to try anything. That in and of itself is freeing.
Now, you won’t catch me pairing such a diverse set of patterns. I just couldn’t go there, but it’s interesting to me to see just how many people do.

Now both of these white looks, if I could pull them off with my body type, I would wear in a heartbeat. Both are simple and classic, yet the first look is funk at its finest with those huge, chunky heals.
Long summer dresses are every where this summer, and I love them. I have seen women of every size pull these off looking beautiful.
I have yet to find one second hand, but I’ve seen them as cheap as $20, and that would be worth it.
This second look? Another example of big, bold patterns.
How brave are you? Would you be willing to pull off any of these new trends?

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