November 17, 2017

Extending our “God Watch”


I watch. I wait. I wonder.
Some call it courage. Some call it foolish.
I call it faith.

Six months ago, I wrote a blog post called, “Join me on our God Watch.”

It invited blogging friends to join our family as we entered another “God Watch” period in our lives – my husband’s pending unemployment. Years ago, I coined that phrase for our children as a game, of sorts. It was an intentional way of watching and waiting to see how the Lord would unexpectedly amaze us during a particularly difficult circumstance.

Now, it’s a family mantra.

Our God Watch is a reminder to gaze at His goodness. To rest in His reassurances. But more importantly, it’s a whisper of willingness to choose joy in the midst of doubt.

I chuckle as I re-read that post. Uncommitted, I typed it in less than ten minutes. Heartfelt was the God Watch invitation, but at the end of the post, I retorted, “remind me of this in six months if we’re still unemployed, deal?” I never assumed I would need to revisit that tongue and cheek comment.

Yet here I am, 6 months into our God Watch.

Satan would love nothing more than to take me down the winding road of regret and woo me into a long whining discussion. You know the one–the back and forth conversation that takes place in your mind. Ideas primed as dagger-like darts. Feelings that mull around in misery, yet no audible words ever leave the mouth. Oh yes, those have been some of my more lively discussions.

But today, I have a choice.

His faithfulness reminds me that I have no other choice than to punctuate my life with praise.

Praise for His security during times of uncertainty.

Praise for the little things, since they are reminders of the big things.

Like the way the stars twinkle so much brighter snuggling on a blanket with my husband and children, or the way my teen age son guzzles the soda straight from the 2 liter as I type. I’m not even annoyed.  I am just so thankful he’s journeying with us, gifting us with his choice to be “an untypical teen” during this learning transition.

How about when my favorite grocery store tripled their coupons the very week I needed to stockpile my favorite items or the “trash to treasure” finds that I uncovered at last weekend’s yard sale?

Ah yes, finding joy in things I had entirely missed before deepens my faith walk. It’s a reminder of how this extended “God Watch” season can grow us deeper, make us more intentional, and reveal to us the little blessings that are so often overlooked.

So here’s to month seven.

I invite you to join our family on this “God Watch” as we watch fervently, wait expectantly and wonder with anticipation; for all that the Lord has in store during this adventure.

Do you care to join me with on your own God Watch journey? I’d love to have you.


  1. Can't wait to go read it! love to you.


  2. Amy @ Finer Things says:

    I'm getting a "site cannot be found" when I click on those links. Is it just me?!


  3. Smelling Coffee says:

    Hi Jen~ Just read your God Watch post – and I remember you saying to be reminded of this six months from back then. We're in a God watch, too. Thanks for what you shared and for using what the Lord is doing in you to bless others through you.

    🙂 jennifer


  4. cityfarmer says:

    seems like every day is a GW here on this homefront. Ilove walking by faith…it only makes sense.

    you always inspire!


  5. Fiona @ A little bit of honesty says:

    Wow. Just read your (in)courage blog and I am truly encouraged….
    I reminded that – the greater the mountain, the bigger the view…
    I love your heart.


  6. Hi Jen, I'm new to reading your blog & just read the link to your God watch post. It's really quite refreshing & beautiful to a fellow child of God persue & follow Him in complete trust & abandon. I look forward to see how He works in your family's life. Blessings!


  7. Jen, the way you trust God's plans and God's timing is so inspiring. I love the phrase God Watch and I'm definitely going to use it as motivation to get through the next trial that comes my way.



  8. Thank you so much for this. I came over from (in)courage. My husband lost his job nearly a year ago and isn't eligible for unemployment. Right now we have less than $50 to our name and another 9 days until my paycheck comes ($700 to last another month).

    If you had told me a year ago that we'd be living on $700 a month I would have laughed and said you were crazy but yet every single time He provides and we have never been in want for a thing. Well, in want maybe, but never been without. He is amazing and I'd love to join your God Watch.

    I also love what Fiona said about the bigger the mountain the better the view.

    Tonight my husband said *WHEN* we move to Africa, not "if". That would have never graced his lips a year ago either. God is SO awesome!


  9. I like the phrase you coined. I am there. Definitely joining you for my own God Watch and praying for you as you continue yours. God bless.


  10. An Accomplished Woman says:

    I have been reading but did not have a moment to tell you how much I love and respect you. You are such a wonderful servant and I admire you very much…. Okay, I am off to read the rest of your story.



  11. Captain J says:

    I am very (in)couraged reading your post. Thanks for sharing, I am also on God Watch, just for different reasons.


  12. Mrs. D Lightful says:

    I'm so glad I found your blog, I love it! What an inspiring story. Thank you.


  13. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    That was an excellent post Jen!! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  14. How great!!!!I love it! What an inspiring story. Thank you so much for posting such a beautiful story….

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