November 20, 2017

Crab Salad on Tostadas


While visiting the Unilever Test Kitchen, each blogger was tasked with a different recipe to prepare. Stepping outside of my culinary comfort zone, I agreed to make something with shell fish, which typically, I do not eat.

Not only was I impressed with how easy it was, but the presentation was beautiful. The blend of ingredients and flavors did not make it fishy tasting at all, and I got to brainstorming all the ways I could take this basic recipe and embellish it.

This would be a perfect recipe for a special luncheon or dinner.


Enjoying it was a surprise to me. We talked about expanding our cooking horizons a few weeks ago with my Portebella Pizza recipe and I loved everyone’s comments on that. This recipe was another fabulous example of that.

Go have fun and make this!


  1. That sounds wonderful!!! I love crab but my husband is allergic to shellfish so the chicken version sounds great!

    What a wonderful experience!


    Mary Joy


  2. This sounds really good and easy. I agree this would be great for a luncheon or nice dinner.


  3. Wow, that looks as amazing as (I’m guessing) it tastes! I love fresh cilantro…so yummy!

    Thanks so much for sharing!



  4. I make fish tacos with grilled tilapia so I’m sure I would enjoy this! I do enjoy crabmeat.


  5. The meal looks delicious, but I believe they are called tostadas. They are an awesome, easy meal that you can pretty much pile anything on!


  6. Ooo, that looks quite yummy. I made something similar with canned salmon once and was quite impressed how well it actually worked with tostadas.


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