October 17, 2017

Keeping the Weight Off: What are You Eating?


Healthy organic, dark chocolate peanut butter  balls (no processed sugar) Nearly a month ago, I completed my 7 day detox, and after I posted about this GM Diet Plan, I received a lot of questions. As I mentioned in my […]

K.I.S.S. For Valentine’s Day (Keep it Simple, Sweet)


As I sit here frantically typing, I realize once again the importance of the simple things in life. Sometimes, I feel like I am swimming against the current, just trying to keep my head above water and this has been […]

Simple Pleasures (Tasty Tuesday)


We cranked the kitchen music to The Sound of Music’s “Favorite Things.” We twirled and danced and sang at the top of our lungs. My girl and me. She loved it. I loved it. We giggled and were silly and […]

Some of my Favorite 2012 Recipes & Food Ideas: Tasty Tuesday


Please tell me it’s not just me, and that there are a few others out there having some difficulty getting motivated and pushing through this New Year week? Slowly, I have realized that the holidays are over (so sad), and […]

$100 Cracker Barrel Breakfast Basket Giveaway (Tasty Tuesday)


The thought of a cozy morning meal sipping coffee next to a huge, roaring fire sounds wonderfully appealing right now. Nine times out of ten, if my husband asks me where I want to go out to eat, it’s Cracker […]

Christmas Tree Veggie, Fruit, and Cheese Platter Ideas


I wander through that kitchen of mine. Yes, she glares at me and then mocks me, along with the used scrapbook “store” I own. She mentions that I am supposed to be making ten minute dinners every night, and yet […]

My Top Ten Small Appliances: What are Your Kitchen Workhorses?


It’s that time of year, when I reevaluate the needs of my kitchen. Since baking, cooking and entertaining top the list of my Family Manager duties during this month, I am continually reminded of how fortunate I am to have […]

Balancing the Blond, Gratitude and Tasty Tuesday


Peeking into my Thanksgiving weekend looks something like this: a heart jam packed with gratitude for the blessings of a generational legacy filled with strong family ties, solidified with unconditional love, and knotted with fun traditions that span 17 years. […]

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Weekend Eats (Tasty Tuesday)


Yesterday was a challenge. To jump from a third world cultural experience to  immediately transition right into my “mom” role is a bit surreal. I find I’m having to compartmentalize my emotions with things such as planning our Thanksgiving menu. […]

DIY Breakfast Bar: Feed Your Friends with Ease


Does the stress of sharing hospitality to groups stand in the way of saying “Yes?” As holiday gatherings approach, and we begin pondering how to feed the friends and family masses that we will host over night, it’s easy to […]

Easy Almond Buttercream Frosting


For years, the idea of little ‘ole me, whipping up my own delicious homemade frosting seemed daunting. I’m sure there are a few of you out there who still feel the same way, but let me put your mind at […]

10 Minute Dinners: It’s a Good “enough” Thing


Anyone who has been reading Balancing Beauty and Bedlam for awhile, has heard the phrase 10 Minute Dinners in numerous posts. In fact, I’ve used that phrase for years and have mentioned launching my new site for nearly as long. […]

It Was Just Fine (Tasty Tuesday)


As I opened my inbox this morning, I received one of those courtesy emails reminding me that I had to bring snacks this evening for my high school son’s “round table discussion.” You know the kind of reminder that you […]

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods: Encourage One Another


This post is all about celebrating those of you who link up here every week. I’ve realized how this whole world wide web has completely altered how we live life, especially when my internet was not working this morning and […]

Kitchen Sisters’ Club: Tasty Tuesday


This month over at (in)courage, we’ve been talking about in real life friendship. We are kicking off week four with practical ways to build community, and they asked me to share a bit about building friendships through my Kitchen Sisters’ […]