October 20, 2017

Pop Warner Superbowl Today


It’s official!

The field has been narrowed from 1400 teams to the final two!

The Pop Warner Superbowl Championship Division 1 game is being played today, and this lady is one nervous mama….
and now, our two oldest sons will battle for a game of a lifetime.

New championship uniforms have been fitted, compliments of Russel Athletic wear, ESPN interviews have been given (to our eldest son on the right), and now it’s time to fight for what they have been working for all season.

Christmas Cruising


Christmas Cruising – Some of the best traditions are simple and sweet and require little more than hot chocolate and a full tank of gas. About a week before Christmas get the whole family together for “Christmas lights” cruising in the car.

Before Hiring a Santa…


Dear Retail Establishments:

Before hiring a Santa, please ask to see what “said Santa” looks like in his Santa gear. Not trying to perpetuate the attitude that “looks are all that matters,” but when hired Santa sends children screaming to their mamas, an image consultant needs to be consulted quickly.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas


Being privileged to write for Dayspring’s (in)courage has opened up product lines that not only encourage values with a heart towards home, but they have a killer line up of CLEARANCED items with prices that I can’t even beat at a thrift store.

Seriously, if you follow my blog, you know I only shop for steals and deals, which means almost always thrift stores bargains. Well, I have found the steals, ordered them new, and encourage you to hurry over to their site and check them out. I planned on posting this last week and some of my highlighted items are already sold out.

Tips For Eating on Vacation?


Spending nine days in Orlando before Christmas is not a budget expense that is part of our “God Watch.” So as I cook in our condo, and enjoy this spontaneous week away, I thought I would invite you to share your best meal tips for eating on vacation.

For many, vacation equals eating out, and that’s what makes it a true vacation. Yet others can’t stand the thought of seeing their precious dollars disappear on food and would rather spend it elsewhere during their time away. How do you handle food during your vacation?

Bringing Beauty to an Old Metal Tray


Buying an ugly, old, tray and transforming it into something beautiful brings me joy.

I love simple pleasures, and taking something that was heading for the trash and turning it into a treasure for under one dollar is simple bliss.

When I saw this old tray at a yard sale, I almost walked right past it. But then the “thinking outside the box” mentality kicked into full gear, found out it was one little quarter, and I snatched it with joy.

Pop Warner National Championship Week


This past Saturday, our two high school boys’ football team claimed the Regional Championship title advancing them to the Pop Warner National Championship Week (otherwise known as the Superbowl) in Orlando, Florida. The games take place at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Center, with games being shown on ESPN.
Beginning the season with 1400 teams nationwide in their Midget (age/weight) division, the field has been narrowed to the top eight Division 1 teams. Competition is fierce, and our guys will have to battle like they haven’t had to in their undefeated season.

Lovin’ Leather at Frugal Fashionista Prices


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

(Hum it with me while I sing) “There are thrift stores to discover, frugal finds to uncover and scarves just waiting to be tied…”

Oh, excuse me, I’m getting carried away because I am about to disclose two of my newest Frugal Fashionista finds, and they just happen to have made my “Top Ten” list.

For many, a timeless leather jacket is an investment that is worth the splurge because of it’s versatility, wearability and basically, just the sheer classy lady factor. For me, as much as I can appreciate doing the math on a “cost per wear” basis, I just haven’t felt called to take the leather jacket plunge… until now.

Why Adopt a Special Need’s Child?


His name is Edison. We met two weeks ago. He has changed my life forever.

Bringing my new nephew home from Ecuador to his forever family in the U.S. has been one of the greatest privileges I have been granted. This adoption journey, for which I have had a front row seat, has been a four year fight. A fight not just against political red tape and legislation, but a literal battle against the powers of good and evil.

Baked Apple Oatmeal: Baked Oatmeal with Apples


Attempting to add heartier and healthier meals into our breakfast routine, I have been experimenting with a variety of oatmeal recipes and I have found a winner. I have previously posted a healthier version using only honey as a sweetener, but this time decided to indulge just a tad.
The results sheer bliss, and I guarantee you will get requests for this over and over.