May 30, 2014

Frugal Fashionista – One Stop Shopping


My goal of this post is different. It’s not to put together my cutest ever outfits, but to show you how you can mix and match while spending pennies on the dollar.

As you are reading, try and guess how much I paid for it all.
You are going to drop to the floor!
I approach my wardrobe much like I do my couponing and stockpiling.
Many local thrift stores offer discounts on certain days.

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Welcome to my new home on the web. Please excuse my bedlam moment while this site is under construction. It will be up and running soon! You can still visit my old site until the transfer is complete.

Easy Home Decorating Idea


Slowly, very slowly, I’m frugally decorating my girls’ room. Picking up a dresser here, an end table there, along with lamps, pictures etc. has been a patient pursuit of hidden treasures. Ironically, the girls’ room will eventually be the school […]

Fall Tradition Ideas

Fall Traditions

It’s nearly impossible for me to believe that fall is officially here. With it hitting 80 in NC this week, the weather keeps me from switching into fall decorating mode, but I know I must….that post will come shortly. It’s […]

How to Make a Dirt Cake


I continue to marvel at how God reveals himself through the minuscule, seemingly “meaningless” things. My daughter happened to mention that she wanted a dirt cake for her birthday months ago. Agreeing wholeheartedly with her, that thought went in one […]

Are Coupons Worth It?


A common question I receive from readers and friends is, “Are coupons really worth the hassle?” Guess what, 92% of the time…they are not! Yes, you heard it from the grocery guru’s mouth. 92% of the time, the store is […]

“God Watch” Financial Update


*Many of you have asked how my husband’s job search is going and how we are making it financially since it’s been so long. Here are just a few thoughts for those faithful followers. Embracing this season during our “God […]

Creative party decorations on a budget

paper pompoms

As I browse amazing party decorations, my prerequisites always include amount of time, ease and budget-friendly. When  Cynthia shared what she did for her daughter’s birthday,  I squealed with delight. This easy to make and even easier on the budget’ […]

Easy meal planning tips – 4 meals in 4 minutes


Easy meal planning tips – We all desire something quicker, easier and more effective in the world of meal plans. I spontaneously decided to jump into the world of vlogging today, and I’d love for you to come along and […]

Cut those coupons – deals this week!


I haven’t gone grocery shopping in ten days since I stocked up so much during our last Super Double Coupon week.That is…until last night… when I walked two of my friends through the meat department giving them an in-person tutorial […]