Sometimes we make fashion something that it’s not.

We make it difficult. We make it about trends. We allow ourselves to be ruled by what someone else tells us looks good, and then fashion becomes stressful.

Lately, writing my Frugal Fashionista posts have been stressful. Not because I am overspending. No, my outfits still come in at around $15 total. ( But I am thinking I may invest in some more accessories, which may kick that up a few dollars.)

These posts have been stressful because I know my outfits aren’t on the cutting edge of this year’s fashion. Last week, I made the HUGE mistake of wandering through some of my favorite designer label retail stores.
And then I noticed it, the discontent. I wanted more! I wanted the newest trend. I wanted to show you just how great of an outfit I can put together if I spent $200 for an outfit. And then I stood back, and realized just how subtle the “gimmies” (give…me…) can enter my life. They steal the very contentment that was just there moments ago.

And so I gave thanks, for something very superficial.  Finding gratitude through something as silly as a beautiful new necklace, that I bought with a Groupon deal, helped me put this trivial moment all in perspective. I don’t need a $200 outfit, because one simple elegant necklace, paired with a great purple wrap, can take my $1 yard sale skirt and shirt treasures to new fashion heights.

And in all honesty, does it really matter at all? From an eternal perspective? No, but fashion also brings out creativity, a God given gift, so it can still be fun and enjoyable.

I glanced back through posts from over a year ago, and realized that I do love wraps. It allows me to enjoy simple black yard sale finds, and dress them up in just seconds.
This outfit from my Building a Core Wardrobe post obviously shows a very similar look, but with a black t-shirt, another skirt, and totally different black boots (yes, I have more than one pair of black boots.) By taking such a basic look, and accenting it with a green wrap, it becomes a dressy outfit. Remember, I’ve often said  that black core pieces are easily found second hand, and I love that this is just as cute paired with casual jeans.
This picture came from my very First Frugal Fashionista (sort of) post. You’ve seen it on my side bar button for too long, but did you notice the shirt? It’s the same $1 black, sleeveless yard sale shirt from my purple outfit at the top, and look how very different it looks with this wrap. So easy! So frugal! So simple!
I don’t want to make fashion difficult. It shouldn’t be stressful.
Remember, simple is often elegant.
$1 yard sale shirt, great necklace, hair pulled up in ten seconds…often, that’s all it takes.
Now just remind ourselves of that when fashion discontent settles deep.