November 17, 2017

Hanging Wreaths over Mirrors?


Decorating with mirrors is a tool that every designer who ‘decorates on a dime’ implements.

There is something special about a mirrored reflection as the sun catches or candlelight glistens. That kind ofย  illumination in a room sets a tone.

A simple mirror creates the optical illusion where even the smallest of rooms feel larger.

But have you ever thought of accessorizing the mirror itself? Probably not.

Showcasing a wreath over a mirror is one of my favorite things (but that is where I have stopped).

I thought you might enjoy a little fall foliage from Country Living or Corn Husks from Martha.

Don’t you just love how added God’s perfect pine to this antique mirror?

I adore this and do believe we could all do that for um….free, this winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

So here is my little wreath…

Ever since my coupon, DIY, trash to treasure friend, Leah, gave me this frugally fabulous mirror, it has graced my entryway.

I’m going to swap out this tiny little thing for a great, big, bold wreath next month.

And in case you’re wondering the sophisticated method we used…

‘cuz I am a fancy decorator like that.

How about accessorizing a mirror with another mirror? Isn’t this gorgeous from House Beautiful?

And my sweet friend, the Nester, shows us how she took her basic builder mirror and dressed it up as only she knows how. Now we are back to wreaths, but not any kind of wreaths. The Nester wowed me with her fluffy fur wreath…yes, hanging on her mirror.

And just to start getting you in the Christmas mood ( I mean it is October, carols are playing in the stores)…Kimba’s Pottery Barn inspired wreath hung over her mirror.

And don’t forget to gather extra greenery when cutting down those Christmas trees.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Family Heirlooms

Just like any fabulous Frugal Fashionista knows, it’s all about accessorizing.

So why would we treat our mirrors any differently? ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. great inspiration. something even i could do. thanks.


  2. Hi Jen,

    I finally have found your new blog home. Looks like you are having fun over here! Baking up some yummy meals and now decorating those boring mirrors. Just the inspiration I needed this morning.

    Sonya Lee


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL and ADORE all those wreaths!!! Thanks for sharing!


    If you have time, will you help this SWEET MAMA on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rem. Day?


  4. Great ideas! I bought a bunch of Christmas balls on sale after last year so I can make a wreath like that one! I saw it on some blog – maybe Little Birdie Secrets? – last December. I think it’ll hang on the mirror part of my mantel! I get excited just thinking about it!


  5. Hmmm… I never thought of decorating mirrors. I have one in my hallway that this would work really well on.
    My favourite is the pink boa wreath. I’m in love with that one! ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. Wow! These are great! I can’t wait to try something. I’m not going to look at mirrors in the same way again. Love the pink one!
    Mary Lou


  7. Yep, all you have to do is get you a wreath form and two boas {for a wreath a little larger than the one shown} If you have a straw wreath form, don’t even unwrap it, just hot glue the boa around it going in and out.

    clear as mud?

    GReat post, and Im not just saying that cuz you linked!


  8. Love the wreaths and mirrors…is that anything like smoke & mirrors? ha.

    Here’s a trick to covering up the thermostat…hang a shelf a bit below the thermostat and then place a mirror, framed photo, or something of the sort on the shelf so that it leans against the wall. WALA – no more visible thermostat. Of course, there’s more on the shelf than just the single item but I hope you get the idea. Hard to explain w/out a photo.


  9. I’m a lover of wreaths and mirrors, but never would have thought to put the two together! DH finally put my mirror up in the laundry room–it is dying to be decorated with a fall wreath.


  10. Lynne in NC says:

    Love all the great ideas for wreaths. BTW, I think the Nester hid her thermostat creatively, but I can’t find the posting on her blog. She propped a shelf underneath the thing and hung a picture on it to cover it up.
    Something like that anyway!
    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Lynne in NC says:

    Here it is!

    I just figured out The Nester has a “search this site” button — I need another cuppa!


  12. Jen! Love the wreath inspiration-totally gets me in the holiday spirit!!


  13. Have you thought of using a canvas, framed picture to cover the thermostat? It would be deep enough to hang over.


  14. I’ve had decorating mirrors on the brain, too! Usually I do it at Christmas, but yesterday I had a new wreath over a mirror for a spell, just trying it out. It was hung with some ribbon and I had the ribbon duct-taped to the back of the mirror …!


  15. This is such a fun post!! Now I want a mirror to decorate, lol. Thank you so much for all this inspiration.


  16. Thanks for all the pretty pics. I’m inspired…I’ve got a mirror in the living/dining room that “needs” a wreath now ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. SO beautiful! I love that idea. I really want to make that corn husk wreath and the boa wreath. Very beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day!



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