November 18, 2017

Down 12 Pounds – 17 Day Diet Ideas


So many of you have asked about my weight loss and what I’ve been doing that I thought I would share just a short follow up to my “Keeping the Weight Off” post.

This beautiful vegetable and I have bonded over the last 6 weeks.

You see, my taste buds and I have come to terms with a new way of food gratification, which doesn’t include any sugar or carbs.

It’s been painful, you all! I mean painful doesn’t even begin to describe it, but for this “never been disciplined with her food kind of gal”, it’s been so eye opening to me. It’s taught me a lot about myself, and the struggles I have with disciple in so many areas of my life.

In fact, I jokingly said to a friend, “The rest of 2013, I’m deeming Operation De-clutter Jen’s life, and I’ve begun with my body.” The more I wrestle with that statement, the more reality sets in because that was my straight truth speaking

I’ve really been convicted on areas where I lack discipline, whether it’s with home organization, scheduling or food, and this is the first baby step I’ve needed to take.

Citrus Herb Chicken

This first baby step has resulted in a weight loss of 12 pounds so far, and honestly, if I can do it, anyone can. I promise you!

I’ve often shared that potatoes in any form are my favorite food.

French fries, loaded baked potatoes, gourmet mashed potatoes , hash brown casserole, twice baked, Potato pancakes, do I need to go on? I LOVE them all and I would choose those over a steak any day, so for me to give up carbs of all form for a month now, that’s insanity for me.

Yes, there have been days of wrestling with myself. I may have even put some in my mouth and then spit it out and then done it again. I am just admitting, it’s been hard. I’ve nearly given up MANY times insisting it’s just not worth it.

But it is!

I know this to be true. It’s a battle I’ve needed to win and even though I am SO looking forward to introducing carbs back into my diet this month, I know now that food is not my master.

So during this time of learning and exploring  The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor’s Plan Designed for Rapid Results Keeping the Weight Off: What are You Eating? (Tasty Tuesday) , I pretend that cooked sprouts are wonderful pieces of Angel Hair pasta, and for this girl who really doesn’t even enjoy veggies without a huge dose of ranch dressing or gobs of cheese, I”d say I’ve come a long way.

Adding in some “live probiatics” to my stir fry in the form of cottage cheese was pure heaven. Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of stir fries because they are easy and brainless for me to whip up, but considering that you may have unlimited chicken breast, turkey breast, fish (which I wish I liked) and cleansing vegetables (no carb based ones like avocados  or even sweet potatoes during the first 17 days), you don’t have to starve.

Two eggs, two pieces of fruit and two probiatic based foods each day round out the assortment of food you may eat during the first 17 days. Then you slowly start adding in good carbs, and red meats and end with adding in some treats.

For those interested, I highly recommend what I’ve been following:

The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor’s Plan Designed for Rapid Results Keeping the Weight Off: What are You Eating? (Tasty Tuesday).

It’s manageable and once you get past the first 4 days of completely detoxing from the carbs and sugar, you can DO it! I will be your biggest cheerleader, but know that those first days are difficult and you’ll need someone to cheer you on. 🙂

So what are you cooking up for Tasty Tuesday? 

I can’t wait to see your recipes. I want to vicariously live through you and then in a few more weeks, I’ll be right there with you.


  1. Good for you Jen – what a battle it is! I’ve just placed an order at the library for the book you are recommending and will read it with interest. I’ve battled my weight since childhood and struggle so much with my appearance because of it, but God is gracious and here I am in my late 40’s finally learning not to look at others (who can eat everything and still look great) with envy, but be content with healthy eating choices and enjoy them!


  2. Great job, Jen, keep it up. The food actually looks good (or, as good as it can be without having peanut butter and chocolate spread all over it!). 🙂


  3. Kim Daniels says:

    I really like the 17 Day Diet. I found a love for zucchini noodles when I was in the first phase. I bought a vegetable peeler that makes lovely spaghetti like noodles from zucchini. Even my hubs like them!


  4. I had to laugh at the “I may have put some in my mouth & spit it out.. and done it again” haha.. so have I. I wish I were that determined right now. Im not.. I should be.. I want to be.. but Im not.
    Soon though.. I can feel it coming on. The good news is that Im not gaining!

    Tonight we’re having a from scratch Cream of Mushroom Grass Fed Beef Sheppard Pie.. I haven made one in years & years and found the recipe when I was looking for something to do with about 20# of ground beef besides tacos, spaghetti, and burgers. 😉


  5. Thanks so much for hosting! I am sharing my mini-cupcakes this week. 🙂


  6. I am going to go ck out the plan you are doing now!! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to linking up with you on a weekly basis! We can trade yummy & HEALTHY recipes.


  7. Congratulations on your weight loss! The food looks fantastic! 🙂


  8. sadly, i did ths with a group of women and we all lost weight…alot. as soon as we reintroduced foods it all came back. Just like the atkins from years ago.


    Jen Reply:

    Oh really? I’ve introduced the foods back in and really have gone back off of it. When I went back to my old carb loading, then I was gaining weight back on, but I quickly realized that as long as I had a splurge day, followed by a few days of healthy eating, it’s staying off. Same with my husband. Did you follow this maintenance phase?


  9. I just found this post when clicking a link from another-possibly one of your fashion posts?
    This is day 14 of Phase 1, and Iam down 11 lbs. I have many health issues, and lost a sister to diabetes. It was time. Something clicked, and this has not been as hard as I thought. I may stick to this phase longer, as I don’t like a lot of the “new” foods in the next phase. This is what I used to eat like years ago, before eating and cooking lots of meat and having snacks around with kids and eating their leftovers! I still struggle some at night, but eating and feeling rotten the next day is worse. I have a long way to go-but my sister told me she did not want me to end up a diabetic amputee like her. I miss her every day, but feel her cheering me on. Yes, its nice to be thin and look better in your clothes, but its more important to make wise choices and take care of our God given bodies as long as we are on this earth. Blessings to all….


    Jen Reply:

    Congratulations, Ann!! 11 pounds? That is amazing!! I finished about 30 days of this, but did addd in the additional foods they recommend because they mention in the book that staying at phase one for extended period then gets your metabolism into thinking its normal. Now, I need to go back because once I add in lots of sweets and breads, it’s too easy for me to go back to old eating habits.


    Ann Reply:

    ..Good to know! I think this is do-able, from the aspect of getting back on track after a splurge day. I am just heading into Phase 2..thank you for the advise. God bless you today and always!



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