Pier One wood bowl

It’s always thrilling for me when a room slowly comes together. I’ve never had a room make-over, although HGTV would be SO welcome to attack any room in our house, and I might even name our next child after them (even though we probably aren’t having any more).  When I find the perfect home decor item that I didn’t even know I wanted or needed, it’s nearly the same invigorating feeling that takes place during those “big reveals.”

circle table

Last year, after my husband finished his first, and last, marathon (I was SO proud of him), I stumbled upon a silent auction that wasn’t so silent. A high end furniture company had donated something like $50K  in furniture and accessories for a good cause, and I happened to arrive JUST as the bidding was ending. Not only that, but I was the only shopper there, and could see the last bid of every single entry. So, if the last person bid $39, I could bid $40 and win (which is where I got this beautiful, blue chair.) There’s a rather long and involved story behind it, but bottom line, this amazing round table and chair came home with us from my husband’s marathon. (Yes, only me…)

It’s gorgeous, unique, and began to give a touch of class to our sitting room which has such potential, but has sat very hodgepodge-ish for many years. This table now hosts many competitive card games, and hopefully many more to come. I found this brown, Pier One looking type bowl for $1 at a yard sale and it ties in so well.

Then, on Saturday,  I found this rug… and I didn’t even know how much I “needed” it because a round carpet wasn’t even on my radar due to their high cost. Can you believe how beautifully it ties in the table and chair. It makes it so much homier.

Sit down for the cost.

I haven’t bought much lately because things have been priced a little high for my liking, but this sweet couple was moving and was CLEARING OUT!

TWO DOLLARS!! You heard that right. I gasped, gulped and I might have hugged her (well, I did in my mind.)

wool rug yard sale

Now onto my next simple find…

I keep “promising” my very organized daughter that I would NOT buy any more furniture until I paint what I already have set to finish…unless I have a perfect spot for it right away.

In the same sitting room, right next to our old piano, was a spot just calling this chair’s name. I can’t wait to paint it and put new fabric on the seat, but for now, it’s in GREAT shape, with a perfect caned backing and I just love the classic lines.

Again, a mere $2.50 (or really, it was 2/$5, but the wonderful white rocker that I purchased with it is outside on the porch.)

perfect wood chair

Our youngest daughter loves it too, and we found a cute $1 yard sale green pillow that matches wonderfully.
Yard sale chairdaughter modeling

Those were some pretty terrific Trash To Treasure finds today, but remember, I pass up SO much true trash to find these perfect treasures. For me, I don’t mind the thrilled of the hunt. I am very thankful that I can appreciate delayed gratification.
Have you found any treasures lately?