Since I had the most surreal bedlam moment, which I will share at the end, my yard sale time was cut short this past Saturday. That didn’t matter since I am at the point where I MUST get rid of things as soon as I bring new items home. It’s not doing my organizational attempts any good when I have 25 “paint projects” in the queue.
The beauty of the treasures I bought this week is that I know exactly what I am going to do with them, and only one of the purchases takes up any room in my attic.

I love it when I can show you that patience on the treasure hunt is a virtue. I stated a few posts ago that I had been on the lookout for a glass cake plate, but hadn’t found one in months….GUESS WHAT? And for a mere $2.
I am so excited. I have already used it to serve our hot pancakes, and even our cold cut cucumbers. Now, I am still searching for a perfectly plain crystal one without any design…I’ll find it….someday. 🙂

I couldn’t pass up this gorgeous piece of pottery for $1. I gasped when I saw the price. I googled the maker (Cal. orici 997 ), hoping it was valuable, but my search didn’t reveal anything.
This green is just beautiful and since my kitchen opens up into the great room, the platter complements my green walls.
This leather tote is going to be filled with goodies for my niece as she goes away to college. It’s much larger than it looks, and as a graduation present, I am filling it with lots of toiletries and treats.
Do you remember the first time you had to buy deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste in college? We all appreciated our parents a lot more on that day, didn’t we? $0.50 for the tote.
As I was chatting with the lady who sold me the tote, she told me what great memories she had of using this flower holder to make dirt cake. WHAT? DIRT CAKE? My daughter JUST requested dirt cake for her birthday and I would never have thought of buying a really cute planter like this until the night before. I would have had to spend probably $6, and this cost me just $0.50 for the holder and the scooper.
I love to buy additional decorations for the upcoming holidays. This was another $0.50 find from the same lady. Yes, she was clearing out. It’s wood and is a great size. The individual planks blow in the wind, and creates a neat effect.
A mug to hold the 4th of July silverware – $0.50, and a wallet to hold the $0.50. 😉
And the best find of the whole day…something totally practical that will save me TONS of money. A gentleman sold hundreds of quality paper plates and napkins. Won’t these be wonderful for the 4th…

Fall chili served up in these bowls and Christmas cookies given as gifts on these plates?
You don’t think I would have passed up on these with the huge family that I have, do you? 🙂
My husband was thrilled at the quality of the deal, it’s the fact I am trying to clean out the attic that is the issue. 🙂
In the next few months I am going to do a few weeks of my Frugal Fashionista series and focus on clothes for teens, children, and even the older generation (yes, my mom agreed to model).
It will take one of my sons a bit of warming up to the idea. He wouldn’t turn around to show me this great $1 Claiborne (for men) Vneck shirt and Liz Claiborne khakis.
The irony of this picture is that he knows I HATE it when he drinks out of the carton…it’s not allowed..but I let him and he smirked the whole time I took this picture. Isn’t it a sharp outfit?
Do your remember the sleeveless hot pink dress that I showed you this past Frugal Fashionista? Remember the point I made about the fact that outfits completely come together over a period of time. ONE DAY later, I found this purse. If you don’t remember just how unbelievable of a find this is, take a look – seriously! It’s the last picture. They look like the exact same fabric.

Isn’t that such fun? I just LOVE yard sale-ing. It’s definitely the only entertainment that I need.

I have my parents waiting for me in the other room, but I wanted to get this post linked up to Rhoda’s.

The bedlam moment that I occurred as I was getting ready to go yard sale-ing? My dog was barking at 6:15am and I just thought she had to go to the bathroom. I groggily went downstairs to let her out, and as I opened the door, a HUGE mangy stray dog rushed in my house, along with my other outside dog and they began fighting in my kitchen. This stray dog had been sprayed by a skunk. I was scared to death that he could be rabid, and I knew I needed to get them out. I pushed them out with a stick. They were still fighting and now I saw that there was another dog outside.

(Since I am typing this in “real time,” my family keeps yelling for me to come. I am being rude….so the story will continue…it’s all good. Hours later, the owners were found for the strays, the fighting had stopped and all the dogs made nice. I, on the other hand, had an adrenaline rush going for the next four hours.)
I called my sis to tell her about my bedlam moment and we were just laughing so hard saying, “Can you believe this is really our life? Do you think anyone would truly believe all our bedlam? I can’t believe this happened to me…only me.”
I’m adding this to my sweet blog friend, Heather’s, “What makes me Smile” party. Yard sale-ing always makes me smile and choosing to laugh at my bedlam moments really makes me smile.
While you’re there, check out her gorgeous tassles…those will definitely make you smile. 🙂