It’s been a learning curve since I switched my blog to the new site, and one of the things I miss the most is that I can’t see your cute face in the comments. You know how when you comment on a Blogger blog your cute little photo pops up next to it, but when you leave a comment here, this shadowy fellow appears?
I am going to tell you how to change that so that you can have this instead.
I associate so many of you with your picture and now I feel like I don’t “know” you any more. So take a second and fix that.
You can have your own gravatar (globally recognized avatar) whether you have a blog or not. Just go to to get your free personalized picture. It will then show up on all gravatar enabled sites, WordPress included. So go upload your picture, come back here, and test it out in the comments. I want to see your face, and so many others do as well! This works for me.