Yes,  beautiful North Carolina Winter Wonderland is bliss, unless you slip off the hill into the briars on either side of the narrow sledding path.

Every one agrees, he looks just like one of Wolverine’s victims (from the X-men, for those of you not familiar with the movie.)

Our country home setting is pure magic during our rare snow storms. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures until the snow had already melted from the trees, but for two days, we’ve had diamonds glistening in our woods.

And for two days, we’ve been completely snowed in. You can see where I attempted to get up our hill for church…

Well, that is as far I got because this is only 1/3 of our gravel driveway. Once you get to the woods, you turn to the right and then have another hill. I’m from Wisconsin, you’d think I would know how to drive in snow.

Well, this is a completely different story. The difficulty with a gravel drive and side country roads? There’s no way to clear them. Today is the first day the snow has started melting, but by tonight it will refreeze, and we’ll have a skating rink of dangerous ice. The main roads are fine, but we’re 1 1/2 miles from a main road.

The moral of the story?

It’s a retelling of Little House on the Prairie. I had to sing for church early this morning and my husband is out of town. So I donned my boots, brought my boys to shovel me out when I got stuck worship with me,  walked the miles and miles through the forest to Grandmother’s House to my brother’s house which is a bit of a hike, and took their car (which was also stuck.) Needless to say, it was an adventure that will be imprinted on their hearts for years as they always remember this Sunday’s excursion and their mother squealing for miles as she slid on black ice their daring mother. 🙂