When my husband and I first started dating, I instructed him to never buy me flowers. Yes, my frugal bent was ingrained even back then. The thought of him spending so much money on something so expensive, and then having them wilt within days was too much for my practical side to bear. (I even had fake flowers at my wedding. Do NOT judge, and start talking about me,  there is a story behind it. ;))
Admittedly, when a marriage begins with that kind of tutelage, the poor husband can then never win. For years, I really didn’t want money spent on flowers. But after about a decade, I’d started leaning towards, “Well, it sure would be nice if he’d surprise me with some, I mean he doesn’t even have to spend a lot. It’s just the thought that counts.”
Of course, I never communicated that. I just assumed that he could read my mind and know that those fifty times I told him in our first decade of marriage to NEVER buy me flowers didn’t count any more.

This is where he can never win. When he finally does surprise me with some, they look like these wilted roses…in just a few days. (This should not happen, BTW.)
And then his kind, generous gesture is lost by my practical siding complaining, “This is why I don’t want real roses. They should never have wilted in just a few days. We should get our money back.”
Now his joy in giving them has been stolen. (If I were to have said that. Not saying I really did use those words. This is all hypothetically speaking, of course.)
Frugal Tip:
So, if this were to ever happen to any of you sweet ladies, here is how you handle the situation, which is exactly how I did (cough, cough).
Accept the flowers with appreciation and gratitude. Enjoy the beauty for two days. Then when they kick the bucket prematurely, like these wilting roses, cut them off at the very top of the stem, and float them in beautiful, white milk glass bowls where they will perk right up. Yes, the life of those poor,  dead roses will be extended for nearly another week, which gives your frugal soul plenty of time to decompress, and thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful gesture.
So, let’s dish flowers…to give or not to give?
I know to many of you flowers communicates love. I so appreciate how everyone’s “love languages” are different.
Do you love to receive flowers?