In one week, I will be the mother of FOUR TEENAGERS! Yes, four!

(Let’s just pause for a moment, and take deep breaths, while I wrap my brain around that fact. Ok, I am much better now, thank you.)

Raising teens creates a whole host of topics, some of which I bull doze over, while others I have to tip toe around gently. The varying emotions that are packed into those bodies never cease to amaze me.

With that being said, understanding the issues that result from teens and their skin is a topic that I’ve dug into over the last few years. Our sons have all dealt with acne issues,  and with that comes definite self consciousness.

Yet a much more serious aspect, that I haven’t addressed here on my blog, stems from the fact that four years ago, our youngest son was diagnosed with an early stage of melanoma. Yes, skin cancer on the head, even though easily treated through surgery, was something that rocked our world, and sent us diving for every preventative measure we could find in regards to skin care.

I don’t know about you, but I was so foolish when I was younger. I was intent on getting as tan as I could, which often meant lathering myself with baby oil and frying myself. All I knew was that I shouldn’t get so burned that I blistered, but even that advice I often disregarded. (Sigh!) For years, I was a competitive swimmer, often competing outdoors,so I even had additional exposure, and I am now paying.

The best way to keep skin healthy is to start young. Up to 80% of lasting sun damage occurs before the age of 18, and my goal as a mom is to make sure that I develop smart skin habits now with our kids so that it’s a natural habit.

Just last month, our sweet daughter complained to me that I needed to buy her some skin care products like her brothers. Immediately, I told her that those were too harsh for her skin and that mild face soap was just fine. She disagreed, and said she was getting acne. Nope, she wasn’t, but over the course of the next week’s conversations, I realized that this was an important issue to her, and I needed to find an alternative to the “gentle baby soap.”

Since she turns 13 next week, taking care of herself has become more important to her this last year.

5 Skin Care Tips for Girls.

Here are some of the key points that I want ingrained in my daughters’ minds when it comes to taking care of their skin.

First thing in the morning, gently wash your face.

Teaching your child to prioritize washing their face, right along with brushing their teeth, is a great habit. Encourage them to use a mild cleanser.

Over the nighttime, sweat, oils and bacteria build up that need to get removed right away.  My kids associated hard face scrubbing with a successful cleaning regiment, but that is not true, and that can aggravate their sensitive skin.

Next, put on some type of moisturizer or protection that has sun screen built right into the ingredients.

Our kids hate putting on sunscreen, but if it can become part of the hygiene habit early on, just like washing the face and brushing the teeth, again, it loses its fight. Sun protection needs to occur daily, even in the winter. I admit, even I struggle with that, but now I specifically purchase products that have the SPF already included.

Choose products carefully.

Our eldest son’s acne got so bad that we saw a dermatologist for recommendations on quality products. We were willing to invest in products that made a difference.  I am much more picky for the products that I put on our children’s faces. Avoid cosmetics that will clog. Look for oil free make-up and products free of  harsh chemicals – DEA free and phthalate free,  Paraben free, Proplyene glycol free, and sulfate free.

Be Natural

I look at the picture above of  my daughter and I just love her fresh face. I know in the next year, she will begin dabbling in make up and honestly, I can’t wait.

I love experimenting with make up, but I want to teach her how to do it well and naturally. To enhance her beautiful features, not trend towards a made up doll. Too many girls hide their beautiful skin behind a load of make up, yet applying more make up to ones skin, especially if struggling with blemishes, only magnifies the problem.

Always Clean Your Skin Properly Before Bed.

This is one tips that took me years to make a habit, but it’s so important.

Your skin needs to breathe and it can’t do that if make up and bacteria stay on the surface. That can really irritate ones skin. When I was in college, I was told that one night of not removing your make up cancels two weeks of good skin care. I have no idea if that was a true statistic or not, but it made a believer out of me. I never go to bed with out at least washing my face.

Those are just a few of the Skin Care Tips for my girls that I am trying to make into habits.

What are some of the important tips that you implement with your skin care regiment?


Since I believe so whole heartedly in women entrepreneurs, reading how the Willa line started was inspirational. It’s a mother/daughter team, and yes, Willa is the 12 year old daughter’s name. It’s a brand new company.

What have been some of your biggest skin care concerns over the years? Maybe we can discuss them in a future post?