and tell your boys to start the burn pile, make sure you are aware of what is being used as kindling.

Please stop while I pause in a moment of silence…I’ll get over it….


And if you think I don’t realize that the first item on my FOR FREE list is the same coupon I’m showing with the burned bar code…I do!
Is that God’s way of telling me to lay off the Pringles? 😉
What is it with our family and fire lately?

(thank you my sweet son, for risking your limbs to try and save your mom’s coupons of gold. 🙂

*thank you all for putting up with my multiple coupon posts this week. I have been trying to address this topic since I ran out of time during my conference workshop. Now back to regularly scheduled posting.

Here are a few of the great buys at Harris Teeter this week…
Click here for a more detailed list (it got a bit long for those out of state. 🙂

Prices will vary
1. Pringles Potato Crisps Super Stack 6.38 oz 1.50
Use 0.50/1 5/17 PG
Final FREE

2. French’s Spicy Brown or Yellow Mustard 12oz $1.69
Use .75/1 5/10 SS
Final FREE

3. Mahatma Rice 5 oz packet (buy 2) .89 each, 2 for 1.78
Use .75/2 RP 3/1 RP or 4/26 RP
Final FREE

Buy One Get One Deals
You do not need to buy two. They ring up at 1/2 price & these are based on one item)

1. Glass Plus (32-oz.), $2.79

$0.50/1 Glass Plus Product, SS 3/22
FREE after coupons!
2. Spray n’ Wash (22-oz.), $3.29
$0.50/1 Spray n’ Wash, SS 5/3
$0.75/1 Spray n’ Wash with Resolve Power printable
FREE after coupons!