The last few weeks leading up to Christmas and then New Year’s were jam packed. If you were anything like me, you didn’t get a chance to catch up on all your favorite blogs, so I thought I would share just a few of the posts that you might enjoy.

I spent a lot of time sharing something I am passionate about in my “Your Family’s Treasured Recipes – Family Recipe Album” post. It might not be a project you tackle this week, but I highly encourage you to read it, so that your creative juices get stirring for the future. This Family Recipe Album is a treasured gift for anniversary’s, birthdays, weddings,”New Home” celebrations, and even those adult children just leaving the nest.

I shared my Easy Napkin Fold with a video of me showing you just how easy it is to dress up your table for any occasion in minutes (like tonight’s dinner…do it “just because”.)

sparkling candle with Vaseline Last Minute Holiday Party Tips and Tricks

Last Minute Party Tips and Tricks (Ideas that work well anytime of the year)

vitacost Vitacost: $10 Free Shopping (Im Getting Ghiradelliss for free)

$10 of free shopping to Vitacost (Heath Food, Vitamins, All natural and more). After I found Vitacost, I called my incredibly healthy living, no junk goes in her body, mother and told her about it. I asked her to compare prices of her everyday purchases. She called back SO excited sharing how many of the products were much cheaper than what she has been paying. Love that! Plus, with the free $10 for new signups, you can score even better deals. Read about it here.

Bringing in the New Year (our family picture and a thanks from me)

On-Line Savings Account with Ing Direct is offering a $50 cash bonus. One of the priorities we have in teaching our children about personal finances is to open up a savings account at a young age (and then a checking account when they start working). Ing Direct is offering a $50 cash bonus on their accounts, and a benefit of their trusted services features absolutely no service or overage charges.

Taking Dinner to New Levels: Change up meal  time this week by adding just a touch of the easy and creative.

Those are just a few of the posts I have shared that you may have missed. I’m still trying to get my feet moving and back on a regular schedule for this brand new 2012.