Blue globe with a question mark on it

Nestled in the mountains of the Blue Ridge, I am leading worship for an amazing group of women.

It’s always such a privilege, and
I can’t wait to share this time with them.

The neatest thing happened this evening.
I snuck into one of the last seats at the dining hall, and the sweet girl sitting next to me whispered, “I read your blog.”

I found out that this is a big ‘ole blog reading church and many of the ladies “knew” me.

There was an instant connection because they already knew my story, and I felt like I was at home…bedlam and all.
(And they better leave me a comment now so you can all go “meet” them since I don’t have their blog names with me – you know who you are, girls.)

How fun is that?

For those of you who have a blog, have you ever had someone come up to you that “knows” you? I’d love to hear about it.
(I am now home after being unplugged for three days – no internet access was a blessing in disguise, but I sure am behind on lots of work).

While I was gone, I spent some time pondering topics that I want to dive into on this blog I call home.

Of course, I will always filter in bits of bedlam, but I’ve found this is a great place for me to be accountable to the beautiful aspect of my balancing act.

Since frugal living is a passion area, I will continue to post on couponing, meal planning, and of course thrifting… basically any area on saving money is fair game.
Months ago, I promised a post on “Designer Duds on a Dime,” that I never delivered, but sure did buy the clothes for it.
I thought I might add a regular feature called
Frugal Fashionista.

My plan is to show you how to put together a designer outfit for under $15.

Of course, most of the things would be from yard sales, and thrift stores, yet all with designer labels and a little “how to” tutorial.
Do enough of you want to dress trendy on less?
I found a brand new Anne Klein woman’s suit sporting the original price tag of $300+ at Good Will last week for $7.
It’s gorgeous and has never been worn.

That’s worth a Frugal Fashionista post, even if I’m not in the workplace anymore.

So, what other areas are of interest to you?

Give this your best brainstorm.

My schedule evens out over the next few months, and I would love to dive into topics that I may have casually mentioned I’d post on but never did, or give clearer explanations of topics that I typically cover like Couponing 101/target prices for grocery shopping etc.

For instance, I just got an email from a sweet blogging designer, Misty, that would like me to address the issue of how we deal with our children’s chores.

Developing responsibility in our children is something I am passionate about,
so I’d love to cover that.
(We’re slave drivers, I tell you. 🙂

Those are the kind of suggestions I would love to hear, so shoot away.
Many people have asked me questions in comments, but they got all spread out over many different posts. This is a spot where I can have them all together in one spot, and I’ll slowly get around to answering them.

Looking forward to hearing some ideas.