This is a continuation of ideas on fostering honesty in the home.
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For an interesting and memorable evening change places (literally) at the dinner table one night. Pick one family member (such as Mom) to be the subject for the evening and have everyone else take turns saying what they think it would feel like to be Mom.

Comments will range from “Mom loves to cook our favorite foods” to “Mom is always happy” to “Mom can be mean and put me in time out.” This makes it easier for Mom to share how she really feels about her role and relationships in the family.

She should be honest and talk about how she works hard to make everything enjoyable for the family and that sometimes she feels sad, frustrated, angry and tired too. These discussions can be eye-openers for the little ones who aren’t yet able to see past their own world and for adults to realize that others don’t know how we feel unless we tell them. Choose one person each day, and by the end of the week, communication that was fostered, will be priceless.