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A few weeks ago, I was asking my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam face book fans what their best suggestions were for saving money on pet food. With three dogs, two cats, and multiple chickens, it often feels like we spend more on our pets’ food than we do on our own household food budget, and honestly, some months we do.
I was surprised when many of you mentioned investing in quality all natural dog food. The reasoning was that the animal absorbs more of the nutrients, leaves them feeling more full, they eat less, and there’s none of the junk mixed in.
So after listening to what some of you recommended,  when Nutrish offered me a free sample of their Rachael Ray Nutrish just 6 dry dog food made with only six, simple all natural ingredients, I was all for it. Just like with my own food budget, I look for ways to eat healthy and save at the same time.
One of our dogs has been very picky lately, and leaving her normal dog food untouched until she is famished. I decided to use the sample for her, and she immediately gobbled it all up. Yes, my picky eater polished her bowl clean in minutes.
I haven’t been to the store yet to price out Nutrish, but I am thrilled to offer you all not only a free sample ,but also a coupon that you can print from their site.
Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear some more of your suggestions. Only a few of you weighed in on Facebook, and I’d love a more comprehensive list on how to save money on pet food.
Get your free sample.
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