thrifting on Black Friday
While everyone was fighting the traffic, getting some great deals as they stood in line for hours, (and quite possibly sacrificed their bodies for that deal), my side of the family did the same thing we do every single Black Friday – drove 200 yards down the road from our “Thanksgiving Day” hotel in the mountains of Boone, NC and took over this little thrift store that supports a local ministry.
This is the fourteenth year we have quite literally packed out this store with thirty of us, and even though this sweet, little store is not one I would recommend to my fellow Frugal Fashionistas, it’s become tradition, and there’s just something calming about tradition. We even introduced a new boyfriend to this crazy, family stuff and he passed with flying colors. Anyone who will go in a sketchy little store, let alone make a crazy face for my picture is a total keeper.
buying shoes second handI went back  and forth about trying to score a new TV (ours is ten years old and one of them still has a VCR connected to the base), but we decided some of the deals we could get on-line will come pretty close. My nephew camped out at Walmart for five hours to score a deal on a laptop (but Walmart actually still has some great items available on-line).
My sister in love, nieces and I were sitting up in the lobby of the hotel at 1:00am debating if we should head out to Old Navy and/or Walmart. They made the 1:30am run, but I decided to go to bed, and score some of the Old Navy deals from the comfort of my laptop (deals also still available on line). Once I woke up, and ate my breakfast, then I headed over to CVS for my traditional stock up of their freebies. They did things a little differently this year. Many freebies are available through Sunday, so check out all the things you can get for free. (Make sure and ask for a rain check if some are sold out).
Since our extended family spends our Thanksgiving in a hotel, and we actually eat out on Thanksgiving (GASP), our traditional Thanksgiving meal is today (Saturday), so I am off to figure out how to thaw my turkey that has been in the fridge for FOUR DAYS while I was gone, and is still frozen solid. (Yes, it’s in the sink right now…I’ll let you know how it goes.)
I would love to know how you spent your Black Friday? Do you have traditions that go along with it or is it just a regular day for you?