Wishes to the Bride and Groom
When one of my nieces got married last year,
I used this tradition idea at both her wedding shower
and then again at the wedding reception.
I had beautiful card stock with the words printed
“Wishes to the Bride and Groom.”
I asked everyone to write a wish, blessing or bible verse
to my niece and her fiance/husband. I then gathered
the cards at the reception, joined them with the ones previously
written at the shower, and put them in a toile drawstring bag
so that they could read them on their wedding night…
well, more realistically, on their honeymoon. 😉
It was priceless, memorable and yet another
frugal delight that money can’t buy.
I hope that they will pull those out and read them on every anniversary.

Our New Family
A loving way to start the new couple off in the right direction
is to create their first Family Album for them.
Collage the first few pages with photos and notes about the bride and
groom growing up. Then follow with a few pages of their courtship.
Now they are sure to continue with memories of the wedding and their
life together.
Piece of Our Hearts
Many brides and grooms laugh or cry their way
through their wedding vows, so most guests have no idea what was said
during the ceremony. If you think about all the time you spent putting
together these sentimental dedications, it just seems natural that
everyone should share this precious moment with you.
Place a printed copy of your wedding vows on every guest’s seat
or as part of the take home gift. This also ensures that you save a copy
and that the groom completes his vows more than 5 minutes
before the ceremony.
Don’t forget to include these printed sentiments in your
wedding album as a treasured keepsake
Love Notes – Love notes is a box full of love; a delightful gift to
give to new brides and grooms. Let them know how much they are
loved by asking the bridal party to leave a love note in the box
for the bride and groom on their wedding day.
Perhaps the box could be left in their honeymoon suite or
packed in their honeymoon luggage.We Were There
(This is for the extremely organized friend…see what I’d do below).
Collect signatures from your guests in their
RSVP envelopes and have them embroidered onto a white or
ivory linen tablecloth with silver, gold or a matching thread.
You can display this lovely keepsake at the wedding
and bring it out every anniversary to adorn your special candlelit
dinner table.
This is a wonderful way to remember friends and family members
who were present and shared that special moment with the two of you.(Since actually having the names embroidered would be beautiful,
yet costly, the same tradition can happen with a
gorgeous silver paint pen).