When it comes to decorating ones home, there’s inspiration to be found everywhere. Yet often, I lose site of taking a small baby step of inspiration if I can’t embrace the entire project. Whether it be budget, time constraints or even a creative brain fog, sometimes I don’t take the next step and implement what has inspired me so.

As you browse blogland this season, remember, we can’t do it all, and if decorating isn’t your thing, just glean one or two small hints of inspiration each season to implement the following year. That’s what I do, and I’m excited to share some of that inspiration.

Very few people have magazine like homes, and those that do might admit that imitation is the best source of flattery. Even if our budgets or time constraints hinder us, we can create a warm and cozy atmosphere for our loved ones without spending a lot of money.

For our home, I’ve been doing a better job of “editing” my Christmas decor. As a young bride and mother, each year on Dec. 26, I’d head out and stock up on Christmas decor. I found some beautiful things, but 20 years later, my tastes have changed.

The problem? For years, I’ve had a hard job of getting rid of any of those decorations because they had memories attached. I’d look at them in the box, think back on those special years and put them back in the attic. I’ve finally donated them and have started updating.


Without a doubt, my main source of inspiration the last two years has been from a beautiful, little store,Total Bliss in Summerfield, NC.

The owner attends our church and is a talented designer. She encompasses everyone’s tastes, so you can be assured you will ooh and ahh as the creative juices start flowing. Now most of these trees, I would never have in my home, but I still love to find new sources of inspiration.

Since my blog focusing on having your finances in order first, make sure you don’t charge anything on your credit card if you can’t pay it off. Best yet, determine your budget, and go with just that amount which you have saved for in that category.

After seeing her beautiful tree toppers, I decided that this year I’d focus on creating a fancy tree topper inspired by these trees. Last year after Christmas, I bought the materials that I needed for the tree topper. Each year, my goal is to add just 1-2 more thing.

The whimsical trees bring the magic of Childhood Christmases a live, so I decided to spruce up our Kid’s Tree and do a red and white candy cane theme. We have two trees – the gold, fancy one I do for myself and then the kids tree where they can add all those homemade ornaments they’ve created over the years.

The gold one is up and I’ll show it later in the week.  It’s truly a tree that took a “few years to build.” The kids tree is still stashed in our attic (yes, it’s fake and I LOVE IT!)

Our desire is to finish off our attic space this year and after being totally enthralled with her white trees above, I am definitely going to hunt for a 1/2 price one after the holidays. Since I don’t need it for at least a year, I’m willing to wait patiently and search for a deal.

My jaunt in that fun store gave me lots of inspiration.

Are there a few things that you might pick out to try on your tree?

Here are the things that I’m personally gleaning from and implementing in our home:

  • Layered ribbons: this really hit me. Create your own designer garlands, bows and ribbons by taking 2-3 of your favorites and combining them for a dramatic effect. Yes, I buy them 50% off after Christmas.
  • Additional Picks: this year, I bought some gold pics to add into my tree to create depth. I love it.
  • More ornaments: is there a lot of greenery showing on your tree? I’ve gone back and forth between a more traditional tree, and a packed one. Depending on your style, you may want to pick up some after Christmas deals to fill in those spots next year.
  • A touch of whimsy: I purchased a lot of gold decor early on, so I tend to lean towards a more glitzy, formal tree, but I love her whimsical style, so I am trying to implement that into corners of my home for this year.

If you live anywhere near the Piedmont Triad, I highly recommend heading into Total Bliss for some serious eye candy and inspiration. No, she’s not paying me a cent, nor does she know I’m sharing her store, but I figure I’ve been inspired enough for free and on my frugal budget that the least I could do was give back a bit. 😉

What are some of the inspiration that you’ve seen? Are there one or two things you can implement into your Christmas decorations this year?

I’d love to hear.